Continuity mistake: 25 mins into the film, Helen's thick black shoe heels have changed to stiletto heels. Her shoes change back at 37 mins. I noticed this several times throughout the film.


Revealing mistake: Shortly after the interrogator Henry Humphries is visited by his wife in the secret facility, we see him "Skyping" with his kids. Or so it seems, but the screen on the laptop shows that is just a Quicktime video named "SKYPE" playing. The interface for Skype does look much different, and the "close" and "minimize" buttons are Apple Quicktime style also. (00:46:00)


Revealing mistake: In the final scene we see a bomb disposal technician disarming a nuclear bomb. The screen of the laptop is shown in one brief shot. It displays a database program of some sort, and has been filled in, perhaps to look like it contains lots of helpful, bomb disarming related information. However, it is actually just random button mashing; most of the 'codes' consist of the letters 'dfgty'. Look at where they are on the keyboard. Very lazy: dgght dfhdftyh fghrthy.

H: Ahh... military intelligence. The great oxymoron.

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