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Agent Helen Brody: H, they're children, innocent children.
H: There are no innocent children! Not his children anyway.

H: Youssef! Do you believe I can do this?
Agent Helen Brody: H., he believes it, he believes it.
H: Faith is not enough, he has to know it.
Agent Helen Brody: He knows it.
H: Knowing is not enough! He has to see it.

H: Ahh... military intelligence. The great oxymoron.

H: Now, I remember 15 to 18 pounds of nuclear material missing, can't you fucking count?.. 4 1/2 times 3 is 13 1/2... times 4... is 18.

Agent Helen Brody: Jack, the suspect is being tortured. This is unconstitutional.
Assistant Director Jack Saunders: Helen, if those bombs go off there will be no fucking Constitution.

H: Bring me the kids.

H: Every man, no matter how strong he is, lies to himself about something. I will find your lie. I will break you.

Agent Helen Brody: Just do what you have to do.
H: What I have to do, Agent Brody, is... unthinkable.

H: That man over there killed 53 people, some of them women and children and yet somehow I am the villian.
Colonel Kerkmejian: You keep your mouth shut, you maniac! You're fucking evil.
H: Oh, and he's not?

Continuity mistake: 25 mins into the film, Helen's thick black shoe heels have changed to stiletto heels. Her shoes change back at 37 mins. I noticed this several times throughout the film.

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