Best family movie revealing mistakes of 2010

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Tangled picture

Revealing mistake: When Flynn and Maximus are fighting to get the satchel, it flies off and gets snagged on a tree branch. But you can see it goes through the branch, and not around it.

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The Last Airbender picture

Revealing mistake: During a large battle scene between the Fire Nation and the Northern Water Tribe, the camera pans to reveal a Fire Nation soldier fighting with no one.

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How to Train Your Dragon picture

Revealing mistake: In the beginning scene when the dragons are attacking Berk, it shows several sky torch things being raised into the air. As one closest to the camera is rising, a Viking throws a burning stick at it to ignite it. If you watch it closely, you can see the torch starts burning first to the far left, well out of reach of the thrown fire. Even allowing for fumes igniting, the fumes nearest the flame should light first.

Quantom X Premium member
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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader picture

Revealing mistake: Eustace, in dragon form, is flapping his wings with all his might as he tows the ship. But in the overhead shot, while he continues flapping, his shadow on the water below is completely motionless.

Jean G
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Alice in Wonderland picture

Revealing mistake: In a close-up, just after the defeat of the Jabberwocky, the White Queen collects the Jabberwocky's blood dripping from its teeth into a vial. Cut to a wider shot with the vial just over half full, you can see that the drips are still being caught by the vial (ie, they don't drop past it onto the ground), but the level of blood in the vial doesn't rise, revealing that it is done in post-production.

Nik Rolls
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Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam picture

Revealing mistake: Throughout the film the actors' breath is visible. This wouldn't be happening during the summer when the film is set.

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The Spy Next Door picture

Revealing mistake: The handheld device that Bob uses to adjust the satellite antennae is actually a very common label maker and printer sold in most Walmart stores.

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