Best TV audio problems of 2009

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Castle picture

Overkill - S2-E23

Audio problem: When Demming writes "Stolen books" on the white board and says, "Killed for a fortune in stolen books, so I'll run the work crews and see if anybody has priors", his lips don't match what he's saying at all.

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Silly Love Songs - S2-E12

Audio problem: In "silly love songs" during the final song You can hear Blaine singing "I can explain." but in a couple of the shots he is lip-syncing to the "I love you". Next shot is he is back to singing his solo part.

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Southland picture

Code 4 - S3-E4

Audio problem: When detective Bryant gets rough while interrogating the suspect of the shooting he tells him to sit down. When we cut to a different angle we hear him repeat the last few words of his sentence.

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Give Me Some Truth - S1-E5

Audio problem: About 16 minutes into the episode, Wedeck is on the phone with his wife talking about how he hates DC. One of the Senators from the hearing walks up to Wedeck and asks, "Are you enjoying DC, Stanford?" Wedeck say (to his wife on the phone), "I'm gonna have to call you back," but his mouth doesn't move with the words. The actor flicks his tongue out while the audio of him saying "I'm gonna have to call you back" plays.

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Age Before Beauty - S2-E4

Audio problem: In the second scene when Pete hits the sword wielding man with the shield, we hear the sound effect, but he misses by an incredible amount of distance.

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Birth of a Salesman - S1-E4

Audio problem: In the final scene when Cleveland says to Terry "I'm gonna get paid and you're gonna get laid", they both start cheering. But when it comes to the wide shot, Terry is still cheering but his mouth isn't moving. (00:19:55)

Casual Person
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Lie to Me picture

Fold Equity - S2-E9

Audio problem: When Loker receives a video file from Lightman, the shot changes to face Loker and Ria. There are about nine more "dings" that indicate a new item has arrived, but after the final ding is heard, the shot goes back to face the monitor and there are only five items on the screen, with more coming in.

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