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The Dark Knight picture The Dark Knight mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the opening sequence, when the robbers are on the zip line, two Chicago Police squad cars (white cars with blue markings), not Gotham PD (blue with white markings) can be seen blocking off Van Buren Street for the filming. (00:01:05)

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The Bank Job picture

Revealing mistake: As Terry and Martine approach Le Sac shop, you can see reflections in the window of that shop of trees. This gives away the fact this was a custom built set (as shown in the extras) and not the real location in London. (00:20:05)

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Vantage Point picture

Revealing mistake: Forest Whitaker has been running after the secret service agents for a while, but when he stops to film the cop getting shot, he isn't remotely out of breath.

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21 (2008)

21 picture

Revealing mistake: When Jill gives Ben the money after the first night, you can see it is just a $100 bill wrapped around a bunch of $1 dollar bills.

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Untraceable picture

Revealing mistake: At the beginning, Griffin sits back on his chair after getting information about the first hacker who attacked their computer. He's about to put his hand on a trackball, and you can see for a second a badly covered Logitech's logo (they have left some characteristic details); the model is a Logitech TrackMan.


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The Machine Girl picture

Revealing mistake: When Ami's chest is being drilled by the "drill-bra" at the end of the movie, you can see blood flowing from her chest, obviously because of the damage the drills are causing her. Yet, later, you can see absolutely no cuts or marks on her breasts or upper chest, where the drills were penetrating her skin. The skin is simply soaked with blood.

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Taken picture Taken mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Bryan pulls up in front of the store to buy the karaoke machine, a group of people across the street can be seen watching the scene being filmed, some taking pictures as well. (00:01:30)


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Suggested correction: Or they could just be people waiting to cross the road. From the image posted it can't be seen that they are watching the scene being filmed only that some are looking in the same direction, eg. across the road they're waiting to cross.

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In Bruges picture

Revealing mistake: During the final shooting, a bullet hits a lamp post, causing a spark. A grey tape glued over the original metal surface is noticeable to help produce the spark.

Sacha Premium member

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Pineapple Express picture

Revealing mistake: In the nursing home when Budlofski and Matheson are looking for Saul, we see Saul break a coffee pot over Matheson's head. When the coffee pot breaks you see coffee splash across the top of the camera.

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Hancock picture

Revealing mistake: During the scene when Mary is in the hospital and she flatlines, if you look closely at the screen of the monitor the reading says "leads off" meaning that the cardiac monitoring wires are unhooked from her body.


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Punisher: War Zone picture

Revealing mistake: While Punisher is killing Pittsy, you can tell he is holding a dummy, not the real girl.

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Stone of Destiny picture

Revealing mistake: The raid took place at Xmas in 1951. In homage to this fact, the characters wear big coats and one of them even rubs his hands together and goes "Brrr." Yet the movie was filmed in the height of summer. Trees in the background of scenes in London are full of leaves, we never see any mist in exhaled breath and the lighting levels and shadows indicate a high, bright sun.

Oscar Bravo

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The Midnight Meat Train picture

Revealing mistake: After Mahogany is thrown off the train, as the train brakes and begins to stop, there is a shot of one of Mahogany's hung victims and you can see the whole body vibrate like rubber, which it was made out of. (01:21:47)

Jack Vaughan

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JCVD picture

Revealing mistake: In the opening scene, when Van Damme kicks an opponent onto the boot of a London Taxi Cab, you can see the dent from previous takes.


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