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Corrected entry: When Brian is talking to the French cop, the radio /cell phone combination wouldn't work because while the cell phone would pick up Brian's transmissions to the radio, the radio wouldn't have been able to transmit the French cop's speech. Walkie-talkies of that type have a "push to talk" switch that must be depressed to transmit. Had Brian simply locked it in transmit mode it wouldn't have been able to relay his transmissions to it.

Correction: Walkie-talkies can be full-duplex which means that they can send and receive the same time even if they have a push button which is used to control the sending of information.

Corrected entry: On the yacht, when the guy with the HK rounds the corner, Liam fires five shots, but six holes appear in the wall.

Correction: He fires one before through the round window in the door when he shoots the guy in the head, so he fires six shots off in total.

Corrected entry: It seems that the truck that hit Peter had enough time to see him standing there and therefore at least hit the brakes, but it was going at full speed.

Correction: Peter had just jumped off an overpass and into a busy street full of oncoming traffic. There's no way of knowing if the driver, who was hardly expecting a pedestrian to suddenly appear in front of his truck, actually saw Peter in time to react to the situation safely. Slamming on the brakes of a large truck in the middle of a busy highway is potentially quite dangerous.

raywest Premium member

Corrected entry: When Bryan rescues Kim on the boat he says "I told you I would come for you". Well, he never said that once in the movie.


Correction: Not those exact words perhaps, but the implication was strongly made, from him to her, that he intended to rescue her.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When the security chief first sees Brian sneaking aboard the yacht, he quickly speaks to the owner in a foreign language that is translated in subtitles as "the girl's father wants her back". If you follow the sequence of events leading to this scene, the security chief has no way of knowing or reason to think that Brian in Kim's father. The scene where Brian kills the auctioneer has occurred only moments before. Kim is one of three girls being kidnapped, so the security chief should have said "one of the girls fathers wants her back."

Bruce Trestrail Premium member

Correction: He didn't say which girl is the man's daughter. He doesn't know. The statement he made is factually correct while still vague enough to be a reasonable assumption on his part. There is no mistake.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: When the father is talking to the kidnapper, the kidnapper says 'good luck' and hangs up the phone. The sound is of a handset being hungup, but the daughter was using a mobile phone when talking to her father. (00:28:55)

Correction: No its not, it's the sound of the mobile phone being smashed up as evidenced later on when Brian finds it.


Corrected entry: In the scene on the boat, three girls are being led to the man identified as "the Sheik". When Neeson bursts into the room, only his daughter is in the room with "the Sheik", and the other two girls have disappeared (and are never seen again).

Correction: That's not a continuity mistake at all, simply that the Sheik intended to have his expensive 'trophy' first at the exclusion of the other two. The movie is all about Bryan trying to get his daughter back, the other girls are superfluous to the story.


Corrected entry: When Bryan is looking through the photographs from the smashed cell phone, it shows his daughter in the airplane, then the picture that the spotter took of his daughter and her friend. But his daughter had her picture taken by her friend first, then the spotter asked if he could take a picture of both of them. That picture that just showed Bryan's daughter was missing.

Correction: Amanda could have easily deleted the photo either before handing it to have their picture taken or after, thinking a photo of them both would be better.

Corrected entry: When his daughter is about to get taken, he plugs his cell phone to a recording device. Right after the kidnapping, he disconnects the phone to speak to the kidnapper, yet when the guy says "Good Luck", it gets recorded even though the device was no longer plugged in.

Correction: He disconnects the speaker the phone was connected too, not the recording device. The two devices were separate.

Corrected entry: When Kimi and her friend first meet Peter, his hair is poofy, kind of sticking up. When the taxi drops the three off, Peter's hair is matted down.

Correction: The taxi journey would be sufficiently long enough for Peter to have sorted out his hair. Not a mistake.


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