Punisher: War Zone

Punisher: War Zone (2008)

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Factual error: If Billy/Jigsaw's facial muscles and tendons were "completely destroyed" as his doctor indicates, there is no way he would be able to speak normally, and especially not in his original voice.


Revealing mistake: While Punisher is killing Pittsy, you can tell he is holding a dummy, not the real girl.

Revealing mistake: When Soap shows the slides to Budianski, the pictures of Billy Russotti and other gang members are actually screenshots of the movie footage.

Plot hole: Even though he knows the FBI is looking for him, the Punisher shows up at Agent Donatelli's funeral (which is being attended by many FBI agents) in broad daylight. This is completely out of character for someone who will go as far as living in the sewer to avoid capture.


Other mistake: In the standoff scene at the end between Castle, Jigsaw and Loony Jim, Castle enters with a fancy revolver that the Jigsaw takes, checks out and then shoots Castle two times and then gives back to play Russian roulette with. That revolver is a modified Smith & Wesson 500 and it would leave a hole a good deal larger than what is shown, they are so powerful in fact they can go through solid cement block.

Other mistake: In the dinner shootout scene, The Punisher hangs from a chandelier upside down using his legs, and starts shooting people while spinning for about 20 seconds, but there is no apparent force which makes him spin so much in the first place; he doesn't even make a "first turn" with his body in order to start spinning. (00:08:00)


Frank Castle: Latin Kings.
Micro: Let him go, Frank.
Frank Castle: You know this piece of shit?
Micro: Ex piece of shit.
Frank Castle: Yeah. He's a regular choir boy.
Carlos: Fuck you, cracker.
Micro: Language.

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Trivia: While sitting in the church, the priest tells Frank that he's missed at the Seminary. In the Marvel comics, Frank originally wanted to be a priest but left when he discovered that he couldn't forgive people for their sins.

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Question: This gets described as a reboot rather than a sequel, but why? Nothing directly contradicts the original, as far as I'm aware, the only real change is the title character being recast - hardly unusual for a franchise.

Jon Sandys

Chosen answer: I haven't seen this movie in several years, but one contradiction I distinctly remember is the Punisher having a deceased daughter in this film, whereas in the 2004 film, he only had a son. The 2004 film had the Punisher's wife and son (named Will here) murdered in Puerto Rico and buried and Tampa. This film takes place in New York, and the cemetery the Punisher goes to has a gravestone for his wife, daughter and son (named Frank, Jr. here). There is also a brief flashback in this scene of the Punisher sitting on a picnic blanket with his dead family around him, which is closer to the comics origin where his family were collateral damage in a gang crossfire. The 2004 film depicted his family as being the deliberate targets of a mob hit and were run over by a truck on a pier.


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