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Other mistake: In Saw II, Jigsaw shares a story with Detective Matthews about how he attempted suicide after his cancer diagnosis by driving his car off a cliff. We then see Jigsaw pulling a metal rod out of the left side of his stomach. However, no puncture wound/scarring is visible on Jigsaw's stomach when his autopsy is being performed. (00:00:50)

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Other mistake: In the original ending, after Laurie is pulled out of the cop car, Loomis is able to reason with Michael to let her go. After he does, he is shot to death by the police. This was obviously changed, but when Loomis is reasoning with him in the final cut, you can still see the police standing behind him. (01:46:00)

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Suggested correction: The police came anyways. He is a wanted killer, after all.

During the timestamp above, an officer standing behind Loomis with their gun ready while he's talking to Michael, but besides these shots, the officer is nowhere to be found. In the alternate ending, this confrontation is completely different as cops are shown actually pulling up behind Loomis. You are able to see that shots from the alt ending are used in the final movie, thus making the mistake valid.

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Other mistake: In the scene when Robert gets caught up in the trap by Grand Central Terminal, there are no traffic lights on the upper street that they show him being suspended from.


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Other mistake: In the scene where Dr. Isaacs is in the teleconference with the Umbrella Board of Directors, there are several glasses of water sitting in front of each individual hologram. At the end of the teleconference, the holograms of the board members disappear, but none of the glasses follow suit. This tells us that the glasses of water were physically in the room with Dr. Isaacs, for absolutely no reason, given all the other attendees weren't really there. (00:17:40)

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Other mistake: In the final scene, as Hannibal drives away, the car is spotlessly clean - after driving hours on slushy roads, the car should be filthy.

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Other mistake: Lorna is hanging too high for Ms. Bathory to slit her throat with the small scythe while lying down in the tub during the bloodbath scene.

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Other mistake: When the bunch of soldiers find Dr. Paul Foster, one of them removes the doctor's wallet from the crack in his skull. In this scene, Foster's eyes are open and seem to be red. Before and after this scene, when you can see the eyes, they are clear white. The wallet has traces of blood and brain matter on it, but the blood looks too reddish. If it is some hours old, it should look darker. (00:34:10)

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Other mistake: When Katie tells Micah to look at their picture after the demon has broken the glass, you can plainly see the girl in the picture is not Katie.

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Other mistake: Towards the end of the film, as the two kids are escaping through the subway being guided through the night vision scope used by the army major, they are virtually blind and have to pick their way through dead bodies, escalators etc. This seems a bit unnecessary as the M4 rifle to which the night vision scope is attached also has a torch attached to the RIS rail. Military spec torches are extremely bright - why not just turn it on? They can't be worried about being spotted, because they are shouting at each other, not concerned with what might spot them.

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Other mistake: It is said Jamie has no alibi in the beginning scenes of the movie, and the detective immediately drills into him as if he committed the murder. Yet Jamie did have an alibi, he was out getting Chinese food and had it been checked out with the restaurant. No reason for Jamie to prove his innocence. (00:10:00)

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