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Corrected entry: The news reporter says Judith was stabbed 17 times, but Michael only stabs her five times then goes to get the baby, then goes outside and waits for his mother to get home.


Correction: We only see him stab her five times, but he could have stabbed her much more then that. The news also said that Ronnie was stabbed in the face and heart but we only see Michael slit his throat after he duct tapes him to the chair. We see what we see on the screen, but it doesn't mean that it's the only actions Michael performs.


Corrected entry: Sheriff Bracket put Laurie in a foster home "off the books", so officially by all accounts Michael's baby sister was dead. Yet Michael not only knows she's alive, he knows exactly who she is despite not a single shred of evidence or police report to support it. (This starts to go into the old Halloween mythos that Michael subconsciously knew because of his 'curse', but in the context of Zombie's film being a standalone project, it doesn't fit).

Correction: Directly after Michael un-buries the mask he wore whilst killing his older sister and the original knife he killed her with along with Ronnie, Laurie stops by the closed down Myers house to actually drop mail off, and when she does so, Michael hears her approaching and stands directly behind the presumably locked door, and smells the mail once Laurie has dropped it through the mail slot on the door, onto the ground. Now, Loomis' himself tells Dr. Koplenson and Morgan Walker after Michael escapes that; "He has the tameness of a wolf" or something like that, that indicates Michael's use for his other instincts besides talking.

Corrected entry: Lynda uses a land line in the Myers' house to call Laurie, even though the house has been abandoned for 15 years and wouldn't have a phone.

Jeremiah Rivera

Correction: Lynda calls Laurie from her cell phone in the Myers house.

Corrected entry: When you see Michael on the balcony, a couple arrive at his house thinking it is empty. As the van backs into the driveway you see a shape of a head in the rear windshield, then it quickly moves.

Correction: That's not a head, it's Lynda's foot on the dashboard - she takes it down when they stop in order to get out of the van.

Corrected entry: In the cemetery scene, Loomis and Chester Chesterfield are discussing the dead animal when Loomis uses his cell phone. In 1978 cell phones were a loooong ways off.


Correction: At this point in the movie it has been many years since Michael's incarceration and by that time cell phones have been invented.

Corrected entry: Michael Myers breaks through the bathroom door and drags a screaming Laurie down the hall towards the front door. But in the very next shot of him walking out the door, he's carrying her now unconscious body in his arms.

Correction: He probably knocked her over the head with something to shut her up and we just didn't see it; he intended on carrying her down the street to his childhood home, and dragging a screaming girl through a neighborhood, with the cops looking for him, might have been a little too suspicious.

Corrected entry: When Tommy and Lindsey approach Dr. Loomis and tell him Michael took Laurie, we see him running down the street towards the Myers house. But later on, he brings Laurie outside into a cop car and starts it up. Where did the car come from, and if he didn't drive it there, why does he have the keys?

Correction: He is running down the street to a cop car, not automatically to the Meyer house. Plus we never see his full journey to the Meyer house so who is to say he didn't have time to pick up the police car?


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Lynda: You know what that dried up fucking bitch did?
Laurie Strode: What?
Lynda: Calls my dad and tells him what I said. Yeah, that C-U-N-T needs to get laid.
Laurie Strode: What did your dad say?
Lynda: Oh, who cares? I'll just give him the little sweetie pants princess suck up routine: "Daddy's little pookie would never say something like that!"



Michael kills the truck driver and takes his clothes. Everything fits him perfectly, despite Michael being taller and bigger than the other guy.



Danielle Harris, who plays Annie Brackett in the movie also played Jamie Lloyd in Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers & Halloween 5 The Revenge of Michael Myers.