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Sweeney Todd picture

Other mistake: Based on the location of the barber's chair with the picture window in Todd's barber shop and the layout of the exterior of the building, there is no possible way that the chute behind the chair would be able to dump the bodies directly into the basement without going through the center of Ms. Lovett's shop.

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Cleaner picture

Other mistake: Eddie comes to see Tom at the bathroom clean-up job and convinces Tom to confide in him. Eddie tells Tom that he'll, "See what Wallace knows". There is no character named "Wallace" - he was supposed to say "Vargas", the investigator on the case. The subtitles correctly reference Vargas.

Brenda Elzin

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Saw IV picture

Other mistake: In Saw II, Jigsaw shares a story with Detective Matthews about how he attempted suicide after his cancer diagnosis by driving his car off a cliff. We then see Jigsaw pulling a metal rod out of the left side of his stomach. However, no puncture wound/scarring is visible on Jigsaw's stomach when his autopsy is being performed. (00:00:50)

Phaneron Premium member

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Live Free or Die Hard picture

Other mistake: Where does the fire in the gas pipes come from? Even though a lot of gas - and thereby pressure - is directed towards the power station, why do they blow up under ground far away from the power station?

Jacob La Cour

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Captivity picture

Other mistake: When Jennifer and Gary are scratching the messages to each other on the painted glass, the glass is painted black on both sides so they wouldn't be able to see each others scratchings as the paint on their side would cover the marks the other was making.

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Hitman picture

Other mistake: The FSB uniformed guards in tactical gear have stencils on the back that are lettered incorrectly. The Cyrillic F and B are correct, but the Cyrillic S looks like a C not a backwards C as shown in the movie. (01:09:45)

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Nancy Drew picture

Other mistake: When Nancy finds the trapdoor from the attic, she goes down a ladder and gets onto the other floor. She walks a bit and goes down another ladder then looks up and Ned throws the flashlight straight down to her.

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Shooter picture

Other mistake: In the beginning of the film where the truck with the machine gunner and the driver is shot, the truck goes out of the road and falls over, but there is no machine gunner falling of the cargo area nor is there any driver falling out from the truck.


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The Brave One picture

Other mistake: In the end credits, the character played by Tina Sloan is listed as "Stationary Saleswoman". The correct spelling of this character should be "Stationery Saleswoman", as she sells stationery. She doesn't sell while standing in one spot.


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Balls of Fury picture

Other mistake: In one shot, a man is leaning over Feng and speaking in Chinese to him. The woman sitting next to Feng translates and says that it means the man has to go to the bathroom. Feng explains where it is and sits down. After, it switches shots to show the man leaving Feng's "throne" in the backround and sitting down, not going to the bathroom.

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3:10 to Yuma picture

Other mistake: In the bedroom scene before Dan Evans leaves his family, there are two petroleum lamps attached to the wall and lit up although there is still daylight. Given their financial distress, they would have never done anything like this. Moreover, the light is not flickering because the film crew used light bulbs.

Thomas Brillisauer

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The Invisible picture

Other mistake: About a third of the way into the film when Nick leaves school and is running home he gets hit by a car and run over by a truck. Before both events the vehicles horns can be heard, as if the drivers are warning Nick to get out of the road. If Nick was invisible there would be no reason for them to honk their horns at all.


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The Assassination of Jesse James picture

Other mistake: During the film the narrator states: "He also had a condition that was referred to as "granulated eyelids" and it caused him to blink more than usual as if he found creation slightly more than he could accept." However, this never occurs once in the movie and in fact the opposite happens, Jesse stares into space hardly blinking throughout the entire film.


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Mr. Brooks picture

Other mistake: Mr Brooks hands over the keys to Mr. Smith after closing the cemetery gate behind them, but never retrieves them back after killing him and pushing the body down the grave.

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Rush Hour 3 picture

Other mistake: At the beginning of the movie, a sniper is preparing to assassinate the Chinese Ambassador, who he has in the cross-hairs of his rifle. After the shot is fired, we see the sniper rappelling down the side of the building, which is at least 17-18 stories tall. When Jackie Chan jumps out of the building across the street, we see that he and the ambassador were on the bottom floor, far back from the window. There is no way the sniper, from that angle, would be able to see his target in his sights.


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Death Proof picture

Other mistake: When Mike rams up the backside of the challenger, the girl driving the car loses control and turns hard towards the left, the front tires aren't pointing forward down the road so there was no way she would have recovered from this. In the following shot after her closeup she's driving straight. (01:33:40)


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Gone Baby Gone picture

Other mistake: Near the end of the film, when Jack Doyle is being arrested, the Mass. State Police troopers' badges and shoulder patches are not what is actually worn by this police department, although the remainder of the uniform appears to be accurate.

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Shattered picture

Other mistake: Chris' leg cast was thigh-high. When he got out of bed (and used crutches), his cast was OVER his pants. His pants' leg did not appear to be cut off - it was securely under the cast and never changed despite all the fighting/activity he engaged in. (00:36:22)


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