Best fantasy movie revealing mistakes of 2006

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest picturePirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest mistake picture

Revealing mistake: when Pintel is running up to Ragetti during Elizabeth's rant on Isle Cruses, you can see the path in the sand where Pintel has run up in previous takes. (01:48:05)

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Night at the Museum picture

Revealing mistake: When the T-rex launches the table away, a couple of papers on it don't move a single inch, revealing they're glued to the table.

Sacha Premium member
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Brother Bear 2 picture

Revealing mistake: Near the end, right before Nita goes after Kenai, she takes off her dress. If you look closely, when she takes it off, her necklace and earrings come off with the dress as if they were a part of the dress. Also, her hair is tied back when she's wearing the dress. But when she takes it off, her hair is loose and flowing.

Brad Premium member
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Voodoo Moon picture

Revealing mistake: When Cole's friend is being attacked by crows, Cole and his sister are driving. The car starts to skid and an above shot shows many skids marks on the road from previous takes.

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Superman Returns picture

Revealing mistake: Just before the end credits, as Superman is flying past Metropolis and into space, watch the car headlights in the background. The background shot is blatantly sped-up by a large amount, as all of the cars appear to be travelling at huge speeds, even in a traffic jam.

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The Prestige picture

Revealing mistake: When one twin (presumably Alfred) is removing the other twin's fingers, "Alfred's" upper arm passes through his twin's head as "Alfred" reaches for the hammer. [Fixed on DVD.]

Phixius Premium member
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Pan's Labyrinth picture

Revealing mistake: Near the end, when the captain is walking out of the labyrinth holding the baby, you can tell it's a dummy. The baby does not move in the slightest, you can't even see it breathe.

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Silent Hill picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where Rose shines the flashlight down into the mine shaft, the light from the flashlight can be seen reflecting off of it, as if the lava down in the shaft is just a picture (or on a green screen).

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Just My Luck picture

Revealing mistake: When Harry Judd drops his drumstick down the trapdoor backstage, watch him carefully - He actually opens his hand and chucks it forward slightly.

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Underworld: Evolution pictureUnderworld: Evolution mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Selene falls into the tunnels of Tanis's lair where the lycans are, you can see the pad she lands on. It's almost passed off as falling snow, but watch how as she lands the 'ground' squeezes like a pillow. This was pointed out in the director's commentary. (00:44:00)

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Eragon picture

Revealing mistake: When the dragon is hatching, a light bulb is visible just behind and to the left of her egg. (00:14:10)

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The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause picture

Revealing mistake: When Neil is teaching Yoga exercises to the elves a first close up shot of one of the elves (the Asian looking one) shows he doesn't have pointed ears like the rest in the group.

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Ultraviolet picture

Revealing mistake: You can see the charges to break the glass armor at the chest of the first guard when Violet kicks down in the vault. (00:16:30)

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The Lake House picture

Revealing mistake: Kate's birthday is July 10th. When she is (with long hair) outside on the patio with Alex, you can see their breath as they talk, and there is not a living thing in the back yard, it's all dormant (as in late fall/winter).

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A Year Without Santa Claus picture

Revealing mistake: At one point in Heat Miser's song, he eats two fireballs. Directly above the second fireball you can see the reflection of string used to hold it up.

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