Corrected entry: Right after Brom is hit with the spear to save Eragon, Eragon bends down and picks up a sword off the floor and throws it at Durza. This sword is Zar'roc (Brom's red sword) when it was supposed to be the plain sword he had just dropped on the floor a moment ago after casting the spell. As they are escaping, Zar'roc is still shown in Brom's sheath and is not removed until Brom tells Eragon to take it. (01:03:30)

Correction: I this scene, afterwards, there was plenty of time fo Eragon to put Zar'roc back in Brom's sheath. Then after seeing how brave Eragon was, Brom decided to give Zar'roc to him.

Corrected entry: When Eragon is attacked by the second Ra'zac, Eragon is suddenly replaced by Brom with no visible indication of where Brom came from or where Eragon went. (00:52:30)

Correction: Eragon is not replaced by Brom but the shot changes to show Brom fighting another Ra'zac.

Corrected entry: How come Saphira couldn't even carry three people very far because of their combined weight, yet not long after, she can carry Eragon and a full set of armour while fighting and doing aerobatics during the big battle?

Correction: Three people isn't the same amount of weight as one person and armor put together, and also they trained her between that time and the battle.


Corrected entry: During the scene when Eragon returns from hunting and embraces Roran, after the quote "The prodigal hunter returns." there is a shot with a close up of Eragon flashing past and on his left hand there is a wrist watch.

Correction: It's not a wrist watch, it's the black string of the bow he went hunting with.


Corrected entry: Brom told Eragon that he needs to know the ancient elvish word in order to cast magic but when Eragon was trying to heal Brom and later, Saphira, he said 'Please heal', which is hardly elvish.

Correction: Eragon doesn't say "Please Heal", what he actually says is "Waise Heill", which (according to the book) is elvish for "Be Healed". This is more obvious when he heals Saphira later in the movie and he says the same thing.

Corrected entry: Durza the Shade is easily able to heal a hole through his head in one part of the movie. However later he has scars around his mouth, but he doesn't heal them, when earlier on it was evident that he is able to to heal his wounds.

Correction: Durza has more than scars around his mouth, he is also noticeably emaciated, paler and has grayer hair. All this points to that the powerful magic he has used against Eragon (and to heal himself) is taking it's toll; he is being drained of his resources.


Corrected entry: When Eragon's cousin is leaving, he is wearing blue jeans.

Correction: It looks like blue pants to me.

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Ajihad: Which one of you is the Rider?
Eragon: I am. My name is Eragon.
Ajihad: I am Ajihad, leader of the Varden. If you are the Rider, call your beast inside.



Right before battle, Nasuada is showing Eragon Saphira's dragon armor. The helmet is full face, with two little slits for eyes. When it shows Saphira wearing it, the helmet covers only the top part of her head and cuts off above her eyes.



The dragon in the book that Eragon finds in Brom's house is the same one on the flag of wales, but in color.