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Charlie and the Chocolate Factory picture

Grandpa Joe: Mr. Wonka, I don't know if you remember me, but I used to work here in the factory.
Willy Wonka: Were you one of those despicable spies who everyday tried to steal my life's work and sell it to those parasitic copycat candy making cads?
Grandpa Joe: No, sir.
Willy Wonka: Then wonderful, welcome back.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire picture

Professor McGonagall: Professor Moody! What are you doing?
Professor 'Mad-Eye' Moody: Teaching.
Professor McGonagall: Is... Is that a student?
Professor 'Mad-Eye' Moody: Technically it's a ferret.

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The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe picture

Susan Pevensie: Lucy thinks she's found a magical land...
Professor Kirke: Hmmm.
Susan Pevensie: In the upstairs wardrobe.
Professor Kirke: What? What did you say?
Peter Pevensie: Our sister... She thinks she's found a wood...
Professor Kirke: What was it like?
Susan Pevensie: Like talking to a lunatic...
Professor Kirke: No, no, not her, the wood!
Susan Pevensie: You don't mean you believe her?
Professor Kirke: And you don't?

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Sky High picture

Principal Powers: I'm not Wonder Woman, you know.

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Madagascar picture

Marty: The penguins are going, so why can't I?
Alex: The penguins are psychotic.

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Corpse Bride picture

Barkis Bittern: Can a heart still break once it's stopped beating?

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Because of Winn-Dixie picture

Sweetie Pie Thomas: We're having a party, and the theme is that dog.

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Son of the Mask picture

Daniel Moss: Who's that green guy?

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Racing Stripes picture

Reggie: I see buckets of dead relatives! Extra crispy! Extra crispy.

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Kicking and Screaming picture

Ann Hogan: You ease up on him.
Phil Weston: You just ease up there on your corduroy jacket.

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The Perfect Man picture

Construction Worker: You're a jets fine, right?
Lance: Oh, my God, hello! I live for "West Side Story."

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Chicken Little picture

Mayor Turkey Lurkey: Well, other than the penny, this whole evening was a wash.

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Zathura picture

Danny: Zorgons are the lizardmen. They eat meat and we are meat.

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Nanny McPhee picture

Nanny McPhee: How's the reading coming along?
Evangeline: Oh... all right. I still haven't gotten to the end of the story, though.
Nanny McPhee: There's no need. You are the end of the story.

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Cheaper by the Dozen 2 picture

Nora Baker-McNulty: You get Lorraine and ill pee in the back.

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Yours, Mine and Ours picture

Harry Beardsley: Admiral, this is our twelfth move in my lifetime.
Frank Beardsley: I admire your record keeping Harry. First grade shifts log.

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Hoodwinked picture

The Wolf: I'm allergic to yodeling.

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The Naked Brothers Band picture

Alex: We need to get the band together this instant.
Nat: Are you up for it, man?
Alex: Yes. I'm fortified by milk.

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Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch picture

Agent Pleakley: Sorry, can't help you. I have a full day of Earth research ahead of me.
Nani: You mean watching talk shows and reading gossip magazines?
Agent Pleakley: Yeah. It really takes it out of ya.

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Robots picture

Fender: It's a mix between jazz and funk. I know! We can call it junk!

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