The Pacifier
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Shane Wolfe: Rule number one: never be too eager to rush your opponent.

Firefly Scout: Den mother, you frighten me.
Shane Wolfe: Good.

Julie Plummer: I trusted you... Howard trusted you... you betrayed us... and you betrayed your country.
Capt. Bill Fawcett: Guess what? North Korea pays better.

Mr. Chun: Okay, duck whisperer, step away.

First Junior Grizzly: Hey Skeever, what do you put in a jar and shake till they're dead?
Second Junior Grizzly: Fireflies.

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Question: When Shane pulls Peter out of the ball pit it looks like he is wearing a cast on his right leg. Does anyone know if this is true?

Answer: No, it is just his sock.

It's a cast with a sock over it. Since the movie is shot out of sequence, possibly he might have hurt it during production.

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