Best action movie audio problems of 1999

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The Matrix picture

Audio problem: In the lobby shootout scene, when Trinity starts kicking one of the guards after he goes to reload and reaches for a new clip, you can hear her yell the first time she kicks him, but the next two times, although her mouth opens the same way, the audio's been silenced. (01:38:20)

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Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace picture

Audio problem: Before the Trade Federation Droid Control Ship starts exploding from the inside, a Neimoidian says, "Nothing can get through our shield". But his mouth doesn't move until after he's said it. (01:57:45)

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The World is Not Enough picture

Audio problem: When Bond arrives at the King Industries place where he meets Elektra King, watch the man he talks to when he gets out of his car. It is painfully obvious that the man's mouth is not in sync with what he is saying. Even worse, the voice is not even his. It is slightly higher-pitched than the man's real voice when he finally talks right.

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Inspector Gadget picture

Audio problem: When Inspector Gadget is upside down in the vent eyeing the bionic stolen foot, he activates a gadget called 'Go go suction shoes'. However, it is said wrong. It should be 'Go go gadget suction shoes'.

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The Omega Code picture

Audio problem: When Dr. Lane is typing at the end of the film, the number and frequency of sounds for the typed characters does not match either the number or the speed the Hebrew characters appearing on the monitor.

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Beowulf picture

Audio problem: When Roland is urging the men to fight, the first one to attack is carrying a large mace that is seemingly made of metal. When Roland defeats him and the mace falls to the ground it sounds as if it is made of light wood. (00:20:25)


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The Mummy picture

Audio problem: When Ardeth and his men attack Rick and the others during the nighttime raid, and Rick lights a stick of dynamite, Ardeth says "Enough.", but his mouth does not move.


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NetForce picture

Audio problem: When Alex is appointed head of Netforce, he looks down for a moment and says, "I don't know what to say." And then looks back up. His mouth is in clear view the full shot, yet never moves once during this line and is completely shut. The audio was just dubbed over the footage in post. (00:23:25)

Quantom X Premium member

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Lake Placid picture

Audio problem: During the open sequence, when the fish and game officer is dragged across the water during the attack, you can hear him screaming with a scuba regulator in his mouth. While it's possible to scream with a regulator in, it wouldn't sound like that.


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