Best thriller movie mistakes of 1997

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Face picture

Continuity mistake: At one point near the beginning when they're collecting the crew, Robert Carlyle is in the car smoking. He lifts the cigarette to his face and he's not wearing a glove. In the next shot he smokes again and he's wearing gloves.

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Most Wanted picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Dunn is collecting gear from the surplus store. The cops show up. When it shows a close-up of the cops in front of the cruiser the wipers are on, but then it goes to a distant shot and they're not on.


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Red Corner picture

Continuity mistake: When Richard Gere's attorney tries to get into the murder scene apartment, the guard says to her (in subtitles) "if you mess up the murder scence [sic] you will be in some trouble". There is a typo in the subtitles.

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Suicide Kings picture

Continuity mistake: In the last scene, Max's bathing suit changes color, from dark blue to light tan, back to dark blue.


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The Relic picture

Continuity mistake: In the end when the Kothoga is on fire and chasing Margo, it catches up to her in moments. However, everytime it dramatically changes angles, the Kothoga appears a lot futher away than it was previously, but soon after catching up once again. Noting her progress in the room, this situation is not simply replaying the same scene from different angles. Plus when she gets to the water tank, she has plenty of time to spare to hit a lever, climb the device, and jump in before the Kothoga looms overhead.

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Runaway Car picture

Continuity mistake: in the scene where the cop car is over taking the runaway car you can see the front bumper of the runaway car and it's in perfect condition however earlier you see them take it off. in the next shot its back to normal

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Switchback picture

Revealing mistake: After the accident Frank is climbing the hill towards the train. There are several paths of footprints through the fresh snow. One to the left and another up the path he is climbing.

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The Spanish Prisoner picture

Continuity mistake: When Joe realises that Jimmy isn't turning up at the park he goes to a pay phone, puts the red notebook down with the spine faceing to the right and starting phoning the FBI. In the next shot the the notebook has rotated 90 degrees with the spine now facing the wall. (01:06:45)


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Tower of Terror picture

Continuity mistake: After Crocker discovers that Gregory is in his house, she tries to hand him the key to the basement at the Hotel. In one shot, when facing Crocker, the handle of the key is facing him, but when the camera is facing Gregory, the key's handle is is facing her.


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The Assignment picture

Factual error: In early scenes, Lieutenant Commander Ramirez is wearing insignia for Lieutenant, not Lieutenant Commander. Later scenes have him wearing the correct insignia.

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Tidal Wave: No Escape picture

Continuity mistake: Two agents show up at Professor Wahl's door. Marlan Clark introduces himself taking his sunglasses off with one hand, which becomes two in the reverse shot.

Sammo Premium member

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Perfect Blue picture

Revealing mistake: Whilst Mima is opening the letters, there is a shot where she is sitting on her bed in the foreground of shot, and the TV is playing in the background of shot. On the shelf below the television is a game console with two controllers on top of it. The animation for the controller on the right is very weird. The right side is drawn longer than the left side, and its positioning on top of the console makes it appear as if it is hovering above it. (00:10:47)

Casual Person

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Executive Target picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the protagonist is first broken out of jail, at the end of the chase scene with the last two police cars. When they hit the ramp and crash, it is two earlyish model Crown Vics. Before they crash, it is one early model Vic, and one (what was a) late model Crown Vic in 1996.

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