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Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery picture

Revealing mistake: When Austin enters the bathroom at the casino, keep your eyes on the door during the scene - it opens by itself before closing. (00:31:10)

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Batman and Robin picture

Revealing mistake: When Mr. Freeze knocks out the two guards after being released from the fridge, one of the guards falls against the fridge causing it to wobble. A big heavy fridge like that should not wobble. (00:55:30)


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La Confidential picture

Revealing mistake: When the body of Miss Lefferts is being viewed, the 'dead' girl blinks slightly. (00:34:35)

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Suggested correction: It's not uncommon for dead bodies to continue moving after death. Many internal parts of the body continue functioning in some fashion for hours after death and nerves and muscles can twitch.

raywest Premium member

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Con Air picture

Revealing mistake: Though it may be a little hard to see, when Poe is in his prison cell towards the beginning, he is doing handstand pushups. This would be really cool to see a star doing these only, you can see the strap around his foot holding him up. (00:07:25)

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Excess Baggage picture

Revealing mistake: There is one scene where Alicia Silverstone is being taken away, and in the window, in the background, you can see a metro train with the letters on the side stating BC Transit and a picture of the British Columbia flag. Yet, the whole movie supposedly takes place in Washington state.

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Face/Off picture

Revealing mistake: In the big speedboat scene near the end, when Cage is hanging off the side of the boat the stunt double is obvious in wide shots, where the entire boat is visible from above. He has big long sideburns, which are in stark contrast to Cage's short hair, visible in closer shots. At various other points in the movie, stunt doubles appear of much different physical builds than the two actors, with markedly different hair colours, and I seem to recall that at least one of them had facial hair.

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Money Talks picture

Revealing mistake: When Franklin leaps out of the helicopter into the water, there is a shot from above that we see he is about to hit the water. To the left of him in the water you can see the water being split by a helicopter close to the water. The waves wouldn't have been created from the helicopter he just jumped out of because, a)The helicopter was too high up to make that sort of marking in the water and b)The waves are being made to the left of the helicopter. If it was the helicopter Franklin jumped from the markings on the water would have be directly below him or below the helicopter.

Lummie Premium member

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U Turn picture

Revealing mistake: As Bobby drives along the dirt roads at the start of the film, in one shot when the camera is filming inside the car, you can clearly see the gear is in park position yet the car is "driving." (00:01:55)

Hamster Premium member

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The Jackal picture

Revealing mistake: In the first meeting with the Director of the FBI, you can see some of the latex is peeling off the Russian Major's burn, just over the right eyebrow there's a small flap of it. (00:13:15)

David Mercier

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Suggested correction: I have closely examined every frame of that moment and other shots of her in that scene. There is no sign of any peeling or fallacy in the makeup.

Quantom X Premium member

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The Man Who Knew Too Little picture

Revealing mistake: After Bill Murray breaks through the door with a hammer at Lori's house and says "Here's Johnny", he kicks the door open. On the back of the door you can see white tape, showing where to hit it.

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Grosse Pointe Blank picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene at the end, at the Newberry house, where Blank and Grocer meet in the kitchen, you can see that Blanks weapon is empty but he keeps shooting with it. It goes empty when he reaches over the counter to shoot at Grocer, but he still manages to shoot the two persons coming in through the door from the garden afterwards without reloading.

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Red Corner picture

Revealing mistake: When Gere is trapped in the police car and the assassin attempts to shoot him, he fires several shots into the window at Gere's head and every single shot misses yet they do not strike his lawyer or the other window. Where exactly did the bullets go?

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Suggested correction: They do hit the window. You can see the bullet holes in the glass from a later camera angle.

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Nothing to Lose picture

Revealing mistake: When Nick tells T. that he wants to give the money back they start fighting. Nick's sleeve gets almost ripped off, but before this happens you can see that the sleeve is stitched on rather loosely. (01:21:25)


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Metro picture

Revealing mistake: When Earl crashes his Explorer through the police barricade, his car hardly gets any damage, proving the barricade is far more lightweight than a real one.


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Suicide Kings picture

Revealing mistake: During the flashback scene where Max is describing the night of the kidnapping, the rainfall at the marina is obviously fake. The "rain" is being blown at an odd angle from an off-camera fan, and the surface of the water is practically still with no raindrops. (00:40:50)

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The Rainmaker picture

Revealing mistake: During his final speech Rudy projects a video of Donny Ray on a screen. When he rolls up the screen at the end, the projection of Donny Ray's face should still be visible on the wall behind. (01:57:45)


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Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil picture

Revealing mistake: When Jim plays the organ for John he switches to a lively piece at the end of his performance, but he stops moving his arms and hands. (00:28:30)


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Kiss the Girls picture

Revealing mistake: In the locker of the Gentleman Caller there are multiple newspaper clippings. When Cross looks at the one talking about his niece, it just does not talk about his niece. The clipping is on camera long enough to be able to read without freeze frame, and it's talking about things like police brutality and apartheid (actual word used), entirely unrelated to the fake headline and picture caption. (01:18:00)

Sammo Premium member

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Donnie Brasco picture

Revealing mistake: In the basement shootout, when a man is shot in the stomach, we see a close-up of his guts hanging out, and there's tape around it.


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