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Fear picture

Other mistake: In the scene where Nicole opens her locker and a note from David falls out, the handwriting is exactly the same as the seen where Nicole leaves a note taped to the bedroom door for her father. Although the letters are larger, the same applies to the note on the father's vandalized car, which says he's popped both of their cherries.

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Little Witches picture

Other mistake: Just as the gang are off to pick the plants they need Faith goes off to talk to Daniel. While she's there the others woop and laugh, but they do it once and it's recorded. It's played 3 more times, straight after each other. Sounds slightly stupid.

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The Frighteners picture

Other mistake: When Frank first runs into Ray's ghost on the street, and they duck into an alleyway to talk, Ray accidentally calls Frank (Michael J. Fox) by his real name "Mike" instead of his character name "Frank." Ray says "I felt this vise-like grip squeezing my heart, and I couldn't breathe, Mike."

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Carnosaur 3: Primal Species picture

Other mistake: When the military convoy is attacked by the terrorists, the terrorists use weapons to blow up the Jeeps. Notice that the first Jeep blown up is parked next to the white guard rail and a sign post that show 36 on it. The same footage from a different angle is used for an another explosion.

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Tremors 2 picture

Other mistake: When Kate is introduced by Senor Ortega, she is introduced as Kate Riley, but the credits list her as Kate White.

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Darkman III: Die Darkman Die picture

Other mistake: When Peyton/Darkman returns to his home, you can see that most of the footage of him arriving and experimenting in his lab is actually repeated footage from the second film, mixed in with some new footage.

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Scream picture

Other mistake: When Casey's parents hear her on the phone, the scene shows just the killer with the knife pointing down. When he stabs her the knife quickly moves backwards in the opposite direction.

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The Craft picture

Other mistake: When Sarah is in the magic shop with the owner and they see the glamour of the shop front exploding, both womens' clothes and hair blow around with the force of the explosion. A glamour is a visual trick and as there was no real blast, their clothes/hair shouldn't have moved.

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The Dentist picture

Other mistake: When the dentist is doing Jody's teeth, any time they are showing the reflection of his teeth through the tooth mirror, you can tell those are not the teeth of a little boy but those of an adult.

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From Dusk Till Dawn picture

Other mistake: This mistake is actually about the DVD box art. On the cover, George Clooney is pointing his revolver outwards. A revolver has rear and front sights, but if you look at the front of the barrel of the revolver you will see the rear sights and front sights both there. The rear sights are supposed to be on the backside of the revolver, but on the cover the rear sights are actually in front of the front sights. No revolver works like that.

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