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As Time Goes By - S2-E13

Other mistake: The Sliders discover the reverse-time issue when they notice that the clock on the wall is backward. However, in other shots, clocks look normal. Look carefully at the clocks on the judge's desk as the camera pans by.

Matty Blast

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Goosebumps picture

Attack Of The Mutant (1) - S2-E2

Other mistake: In part 2, it was revealed that Libby was really the Masked Mutant all along but, in one scene in this episode, Libby is sitting next to Skipper while the Masked Mutant is standing on top of the bus.

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Star Trek: Voyager picture

The Swarm - S3-E4

Other mistake: The Doctor scrubs his hands before an operation. He should not have to do this. He is a hologram. He could just dematerialize himself and be rematerialized if he's concerned about contamination.


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Suggested correction: Maybe dematerializing and rematerializing would waste too much energy.

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Father Ted picture

Tentacles of Doom - S2-E3

Other mistake: The bishop that Dougal talks to about religion being pointless is supposed to be Irish but when he is telling Ted about his change of heart, the actor's English accent slips back in for a few seconds.

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JAG (1995)

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Pride and Prejudice picture

Show generally

Other mistake: When Mrs. Bennet is thanking Col. Forster for his kindness to Lydia for taking her to Brighton, the camera pans out while Mrs. Bennet is still speaking. If you look at Mrs. Bennet and Col. Forster from that shot, it shows Col. Forster speaking to Mr. and Mrs. Bennet at the same moment. Mrs. Bennet could not possibly be speaking at that time.

Kelly DeWitte

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Xena: Warrior Princess picture

The Debt (2) - S3-E7

Other mistake: At the end when it shows that Xena did kill the "green dragon", you can see his eyes move when the camera pans around his face to show the hair clip in his temple.

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Hercules: The Legendary Journeys picture

Surprise - S3-E12

Other mistake: Callisto's sword is missing. She's the Warrior Queen, so she should have her sword. When Callisto appears in the Xena Season Two episode "A Necessary Evil", her sword has reappeared when Xena frees her from the Labyrinth of the Gods for her help with defeating Velasca.

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The Outer Limits picture

Free Spirit - S7-E13

Other mistake: The storm has knocked out power to the facility, the emergency generator did not engage the supply power and is out of fuel, but in some parts of the building there are lights on.


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