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Back to the Future Part II picture Back to the Future Part II mistake picture

Deliberate mistake: When Old Biff and Young Biff are sitting in Biff's car, the car's rear-view mirror vanishes during all shots of Old and Young Biffs together. Presumably this made the split-screen effect easier to do.

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Lethal Weapon 2 picture

Deliberate mistake: The way diplomatic immunity is depicted in the movie is extremely inaccurate. While technically a sufficiently ranking diplomat could perform the acts shown in the movie without being subject to arrest, their home government would be requested to turn the diplomats over for trial, or the diplomat would be declared persona non grata and expelled from the country. A drug smuggling ring and murdering multiple policemen is far, far more serious than actual crimes that diplomats have been expelled (or handed over for trial) for in the real world. Additionally, the consul general and his officers would not be considered diplomats. They would only have limited consular immunity with regards to "official acts" in the course of consular business.

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Driving Miss Daisy picture

Deliberate mistake: During the ice storm, Hoke brings Miss Daisy coffee because he figured her stove was out. A few scenes before that they are frying chicken on a gas stove. Gas doesn't go out during power outages.

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The Little Mermaid picture

Deliberate mistake: When Eric's ship blows up, his statue bobs up and down. A statue this weight would not be able to bob up and down for even a second. It would just sink straight to the bottom.


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Major League picture

Deliberate mistake: The film uses Milwaukee County stadium,instead of Cleveland Stadium, as the home of the Indians. (00:26:10)

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Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade picture

Deliberate mistake: While Indy is fighting the tank commander, he looks up to see them heading toward a cliff. After the tank goes over, from the time his companions look over the cliff to the time when they walk away and Indy is sitting on the ground, you can see the wind blowing in their faces. But as Indy starts to get up, the wind blows his hat toward him, which it couldn't do as his hat flew off quite a while before, and the winds would have blown it far from the cliff's edge.


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