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Who Framed Roger Rabbit picture Who Framed Roger Rabbit mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the weasels are at Eddie's apartment and Roger is handcuffed to Eddie, Roger runs under the bed and drags Eddie on the floor. As he pulls him you can clearly see a board with wheels under Eddie that is pulling him under the bed. (00:38:50)

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Young Guns picture

Revealing mistake: In the final scene as Doc tell Billy good-bye if you look up to the top right hand corner of the screen you can clearly see a jet trail in the blue sky. Certainly not possible in those days. (01:42:20)

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License to Drive picture

Revealing mistake: When Les' mom is doing the laundry and "finds" the Test Failed notice, you can see that she actually had it in her hands the entire time. She transfers it from one hand into the other, then puts the hand with the paper into the pocket and pulls it right back out, then knocks it off onto the floor, and acts surprised.


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Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach picture

Revealing mistake: When Hightower throws his frisbee to Proctor and sends him flying, Proctor starts flying away before he catches the frisbee.


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Mississippi Burning picture Mississippi Burning mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the barber shop scene at the end of the film, Agent Anderson terrorises Deputy Sheriff Pell (who has a full head of hair) with a razor blade. Anderson throws him across the room, but the person being thrown across the room has a mostly bald head.

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Moonwalker picture

Revealing mistake: When Michael and Spike are having a dance off, behind them the road continues. It is so obvious that the road is just a backdrop, along the road the texture and colours change at one particular point, also the sky.

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The Naked Gun picture The Naked Gun mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the window slams on Nordberg's hand it is that the window stops right above his hand. When he pulls his hand out the window doesn't go all the way down and a wooden cube is visible on the edge of the window stopping it from closing. (00:06:50)


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Shoot to Kill picture

Revealing mistake: In the scene where the bodies are found in the river, Tom Berenger yells, "Sarah". As he looks down the river in the "wilderness" a logging truck can be seen driving down a road.

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Action Jackson picture

Revealing mistake: When Jackson jumps on top of the cab to catch Tony's killer, you can see the handles on the roof that the stuntman is holding on to so he doesn't fall off.


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Maniac Cop picture

Revealing mistake: The dead cop can be clearly seen sitting up even though he's dead as the lady cop tosses the chair through a window. The next shot he's back to being dead again. (01:16:00 - 01:17:15)

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Red Heat picture

Revealing mistake: After the shootout in the hotel, the police photograph the bodies of the dead cleanheads. The flash of the camera causes the "dead" men's eyes to blink slightly.

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Buster picture

Revealing mistake: The "Great Train Robbery" actually took place on a two-track railway near Cheddington - the West Coast Main Line. However, the filming took place on the Great Central Railway steam line near Loughborough, which only had one track at that time. They laid a second track for the filming, but omitted to cut down a large tree at the end of the rails, which would block the path of a train. This is blindingly obvious, especially as they show this "atmosphere shot" twice. The tree is still there the second time.

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Colors picture

Revealing mistake: When Rocket and Larry face off in the shootout, there is a shot of Rocket's back, and when they fire at each other you see the blood packs being set off. Rocket does not react to being shot until a few seconds later. (01:46:30)

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Above the Law picture

Revealing mistake: In the upstairs bedroom scene after the police and FBI serve the warrant at Niko's home. Sharon Stone is there with the baby. There is a shouting match between Niko and another officer. The Officer yells "take it easy, Steve " or "take it easy, Steven". His line should have been "take it easy, Niko"

Mike Shaw

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Appointment With Death picture

Revealing mistake: When Poirot reads the newspaper detailing Lady Westholme's death, the font and the clarity of the print on the article stick out from the rest of the page like a sore thumb. (01:38:30)

Sammo Premium member

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Running on Empty picture

Revealing mistake: The palm trees next to the building Arthur came out were not real trees. One is flush against the front wall of the building and another is in a nearby corner. The palm tree in front looked completely flat - like a large piece of cardboard or maybe painted on the wall. Palm trees should be at least 30' away from a structure as well as outdoor pipes, buried lines, etc. They grow a big central root below the trunk and MANY thin roots running horizontal close to the surface - some may be exposed. (00:05:51)


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The Dead Pool picture

Revealing mistake: When Harry and Samantha are shot at in the elevator you can see a number of the dark marbles that were used for the effect rolling on the floor.


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Green Inferno picture Green Inferno mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Jemma enters the headshrinker's laboratory, there is a table with three heads on it each encased in glass. When it goes in close-up on the middle head, you can see that the table has a hole where the actor can slip in his head.

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