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Slaughter High picture

Trivia: The lead actor, Simon Scuddamore, committed suicide a few weeks after finishing filming.


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Clockwise picture

Trivia: John Cleese and Ann Way both starred in the Fawlty Towers episode "Gourmet Night", in which Cleese played his recurring role of Basil Fawlty and Way played the guest Mrs Hall.

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Troll picture

Trivia: When Noah Hathaway goes to check on his sister Wendy in the basement, if you look at Wendy's shadow near the washing machines it shows the Troll's shadow (since he has taken over her body).

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An American Tail picture

Trivia: Fievel was named after Steven Spielberg's grandfather.

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The Manhattan Project picture

Trivia: After the six wires are cut to defuse the weapon, you can see the amount of time left on the clock is 07:16:45, which is the date of the first successful test of the Atomic Bomb.

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Little Shop of Horrors picture Video

Trivia: The original ending for this film (fully produced but then deleted) was a jaw-dropping apocalypse. For starters, Audrey II actually kills and eats both Seymour Krelborn and his bride-to-be, Audrey. The giant carnivorous plant grows to gargantuan proportions and divides into multiple monsters that go on a Godzilla-style rampage across New York City, tearing down bridges, eating whole passenger trains, climbing the Statue of Liberty, and doing battle with the military. The original ending alone cost over $5 million out of the film's $25 million budget, so it was a major undertaking. When director Frank Oz test-screened the finished film, he was stunned that audiences hated the deaths of lovable Seymour and Audrey and everything thereafter. Oz hastily reassembled his cast and crew to re-shoot a cheaper, much less gruesome happy ending, which was a hit with audiences. However, Frank Oz said that he thought the original ending was far superior and some of his best work, and he was extremely dissatisfied with the revised happy ending.

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Critters picture

Trivia: While the film is often viewed as a knock-off the movie "Gremlins," the script had actually been written some time before "Gremlins" came out, based on a nightmare the writer had when he was child about being chased by tiny creatures.


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Police Academy 3: Back in Training picture

Trivia: The priest you see in the police line-up is the film's director, Jerry Paris.

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Crossroads picture

Trivia: John "Juke" Logan did the harmonica parts for the soundtrack. He also is the same person who did the harmonica on Home Improvement when the "boys from K&B Construction" did their musical "Ratchet Rhapsody" on Tool Time. If you listen closely, even Rock says "Ol' Juke whipped out his..."


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