Best comedy movie audio problems of 1986

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Jumping Jack Flash picture

Audio problem: When Terry enters the Queen's Ball with another man, the man says to his wife "You're getting very shrill," yet his mouth isn't in sync. (00:48:55)

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Crocodile Dundee picture

Audio problem: In the scene where Mick returns from the corroboree and Sue asks if he is telepathic, in the US version of the film, he responds with "You're a woman and a reporter, that makes you the biggest busy body on earth". In the Australian version, instead of "busy body", it is "sticky beak" which means nosy in Australian speak. In the US version, you can see him mouth the words "sticky beak", but it is dubbed with "busy body" for American consumption.

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Critters picture

Audio problem: When Brad puts his plate on the floor, the cat comes out from under the bed. You can hear it meow, but it's mouth doesn't move. (00:22:50)

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Short Circuit picture

Audio problem: When Johnny starts to make impressions of advertisements he has seen on the TV, the TV magically stops making noise throughout this scene. It comes back on when Johnny has finished speaking. (00:34:50)

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Night of the Creeps picture

Audio problem: When Chris and Cynthia are hiding in the little shed from the zombies, there was a scene where a zombie grabs Cynthia and pulls her outside the shed. As she is being pulled out she reaches out to Chris and screams "Brad, Brad" a few times. Brad was her boyfriend whom they killed a few scenes before. But she was with Chris and not Brad so she should have called for Chris instead of Brad.

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Down by Law picture

Audio problem: When Laurette throws Zack's stuff out of the window it sounds as if they live on the ground floor. When Zack has left the apartment you see that it is on the second floor. (00:09:00)

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Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home picture

Audio problem: When Gilliam slams on the brakes, the tires make a screeching sound, but the wheels come rolling to a stop, ergo do not skid. (00:56:50)

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The Money Pit picture

Audio problem: In the end of the movie when the band plays during their wedding, watch the drummer. The drummer is playing something different than what you hear.

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Police Academy 3: Back in Training picture

Audio problem: When Hightower is driving and does the U-turn, you hear tires squealing in a take off, but as the camera is in a close up on Hightower, you can see the car is already at cruising speed.

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Clockwise picture

Audio problem: After Stimpson misses the train he gets a taxi home. The taxi is a Ford Granada mark 1 with the sound effect for a diesel engine. This range of cars was only available with petrol engines.

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About Last Night... picture

Audio problem: In the scene where Joan is over for Thanksgiving dinner and she is sitting on the counter, she hands Debbie the joint and says "good, Deb". Her lips do not move when she says that line.

Jim Krom
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