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Night Court picture

Mac's Dilemma - S5-E6

Harry Stone: Who's first, Mac?
Mac: People versus Shibata.
Harry Stone: To what do we owe the pleasure of Mr. Shibata's company?
Dan Fielding: Well, sir, it seems Mr. Shibata was caught rolling for dollars with, um, these three rarely upstanding women.
Harry Stone: All three? That's illegal. And quite impressive.
Dan Fielding: When he was apprehended he had a fifty gallon drum of soy sauce and they were in the middle of something called a "Sukiyaki Slam-bam."
Christine Sullivan: Uh, sir, uh, while neighbors in adjoining rooms did complain for over seven hours I believe that Mr. S...
Mac/Harry/Dan: Seven hours?!
[Mr. Shibata bows to Dan, Harry, and Mac and they bow back]
Dan Fielding: My god, man, how do you do it?
Mr. Shibata: Every day, I swim ten miles, eat one hundred oysters and sit in a barrel of pickle brine.
Dan Fielding: [to stenographer] You got that?
[Stenographer nods].

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Miami Vice picture

Sonny Crockett: I get these occasional urges for stability in my life.

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Airwolf picture

Dominic Santini: Why can't we hover like regular helicopter people?

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Transformers picture

Megatron: Is there anyone brave - or stupid enough - to oppose us? This city is under martial law... and I am the marshal.

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Highway to Heaven picture

Mark Gordon: Cute, Jonathan. Real cute.

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The Bill picture

DCI Jack Meadows: Are you sure I shouldn't have picked you up somewhere else?
PC Sally Armstrong: No its all right, if anyone askes I'll just say you're my Dad.

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Hunter picture

Lloyd Fredericks: It was a setup, and I want a polygraph.
Sergeant Brad Navarro: You shut your mouth, or you're gonna need Poly-GRIP.

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Voltron: Defender of the Universe picture

Keith: Form Blazing Sword.

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La Piovra picture

Comtessa Raffaella Pecci Scialoia: I'm so scared of death... It's always so... unexpected.

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The Cosby Show picture

Theo: You two are the most obnoxious people that I ever met.
Rudy: Thank you, your grumpiness.

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Who's the Boss? picture

Tony: Hey look at this nose. I fractured this nose three times and I can still smell.
Samantha Micelli: Yeah! I broke my finger twice and I can still dial.
Mona Robinson: I once fractured my pelvis.
Tony: Yeah, and she can still walk.

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Robin of Sherwood picture

Robin of Loxley: Nothing is forgotten. Nothing is ever forgotten.

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The Master picture

Max Keller: Don't worry, I won't leave this bar through the window.

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Jewel in the Crown picture

Capt. Ronald Merrick: Are you one of those people who think that if you teach an Indian the rules of cricket he'll become an English gentleman?
Guy Perron: Hardly sir. I know quite a few English gentlemen who play cricket brilliantly but are absolute shits.

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