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Continuity mistake: Season 19, Episode 159. When Des Taviner flips and drives the area car wildly around an industrial estate and into a gas storage facility, you can see that during the sequence the Vauxhall Vectra he is driving starts off as a Y registration, then changes for several shots to a P registration, and then finally back to a Y registration when it blows up inside the building.

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Continuity mistake: In the 07-02-08 episode, in the riot scene, after the riot police are told to close in on the rioters, and you see an overhead shot of them moving in. They are within touching distance of the rioters. In the next shot from behind the rioters, they are now quite a long way from the police.

Joe Mc

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Visible crew/equipment: In the 14-11-07 episode, when Jo Masters and Terry Perkins are talking whilst waiting for the lift, the shadow of a boom mic is visible above them for a few seconds. (00:30:00)

Joe Mc

CSE Eddie Olosunje: I don't mind if you wanna kiss me DC Webb, but no tongues.

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