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Trivia: A group of old college friends reunite at the funeral of Alex, another old college friend. The part of Alex, the corpse, who is only partially seen in the unusual opening credits with the undertaker, is played by Kevin Costner, in one of his first roles on film.

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Trivia: Jennifer Beals never actually danced in the movie. The dancing was actually done by three different people. Marine Jahan a professional dancer did most of the dancing. The dives through the air were performed by Sharon Shapiro who was a UCLA and National Gymnastics champion. The breakdancing parts, such as the floor spin, at the audition were performed by Richard Colon known as Crazy Legs who was the leader of world renowned breakdancing troupe The Rock Steady Crew.

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Trivia: Director Sylvester Stallone has a cameo in an early scene where Tony is looking down the sidewalk in a crowd. Stallone bumps into Tony, and they turn to look at one another for a moment.

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