Best romance movie quotes of 1980

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Airplane picture

Gunderson: He's all over the place! Nine hundred feet up to 1300 feet. What an asshole!

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Superman II picture

General Zod: I win. I always win. Is there no-one on this planet to even challenge me?

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Somewhere In Time picture

Richard Collier: Please, don't leave. You have no idea how far I've come to be with you.

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Seems Like Old Times picture

Aurora De La Hoya: He was lying right there, dead as yesterday.

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The Stunt Man picture

Eli Cross: It's not what he's eating, but what's eating him that makes it... sort of interesting.

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Bronco Billy picture

Lorraine Running Water: He's like all men... a big kid in a man's body.

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Prom Night picture

Alex: I know they did it, they killed her, they, killed her... Robin, Robin.

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The Blue Lagoon picture

Richard: What would I ever do with out my Em?

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American Gigolo picture

Michelle Stratton: How many languages do you speak?
Julian Kaye: Five or six.
Michelle Stratton: Plus the, uh, international language?
Julian Kaye: That's right.

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Popeye picture

Popeye: I oughta busk you right in the mush.

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Xanadu picture

Danny McGuire: Malone and McGuire, sounds like a Vaudeville act.

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Atlantic City picture

Lou: I'm a lover.
Grace Pinza: Numbnuts.

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