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The Sound of Music picture

Trivia: The front and back of the von Trapp house are actually two different houses. Also, the gazebo (which belongs to the house used for the back shots) is across a river from the house. You can take the Sound of Music tour in Salzburg.

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Thunderball picture

Trivia: If you noticed that almost all of the bad guys, including the villain, are all Italian, this is no coincidence. The original story involved the Mafia and the villain, Emilio Largo, as a Mafia chieftain. The story was changed to replace the Mafia with the organization, SPECTRE.

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The Great Race picture

Trivia: Not a mistake, just a fact. Exactly 2,357 pies were used in the big pie fight.

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Help! picture

Trivia: At many points in the movie, the music playing in the background are slightly different versions of the song "A Hard Day's Night." This was the title track from the Beatles previous movie.

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The Ipcress File picture

Trivia: Len Deighton, the author of the original novel, also published a series of cookery books and wrote and drew a weekly strip cartoon-style illustrated cooking guide in London's The Observer newspaper - titled 'Len Deighton's Cookstrip'. In the first kitchen scene, where Harry Palmer is making coffee, you can see one of these strips is pinned to the wooden post next to the table.

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Repulsion picture

Trivia: The Cardigans song "Hanging Around" is inspired by this movie. We can see that the video of the song presents similar sequences from the movie, and even the song played in the movie while DeNeuve is taking a walk is similar to the one by the band.


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The Sons of Katie Elder picture

Trivia: This movie marked the return of John Wayne to work after having a cancerous lung removed nearly 18 months before. He insisted on doing all his own stunts to show the public that the illness hadn't slowed him down.

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Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines picture

Trivia: In the beginning of the movie there is a reference to a Frenchman who had crossed the Channel by plane in the previous year (1909). The man meant is Louis Blériot, who flew from Calais to Dover in his famous craft 'Blériot XI' in 37 minutes. Again it was a competition race, for a 1000 Pounds set by the London Daily Mail.

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Doctor Zhivago picture

Trivia: Geraldine Chaplin, the actress who plays Dr. Zhivago's wife, is the daughter of the silent film actor, Charlie Chaplin. Her maternal grandfather was famed playwright Eugene O'Neill.

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Battle of the Bulge picture

Trivia: Robert Shaw's character is based on Kampfgruppe Jochim Peiper of 1st SS Leibstandart Adolph Hitler, Panzer Division. Peiper was a ruthless but extremely effective officer who had learnt his trade in death on the Russian front. Peiper survived the battle and the war and although he was initially sentenced to death for his part in the Malmedy massacre his sentence was commuted. He was killed in France in 1976 when his house was firebombed in a revenge attack.

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The Flight of the Phoenix picture

Trivia: The plane which is shown flying at the end of the movie was actually built and flown for the movie. The stunt pilot Paul Mantz was killed while flying it for the movie, which is why the plane is not shown landing in the movie's final scene.

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The Bedford Incident picture

Trivia: The ship used for the exterior close-up scenes was the Royal Navy frigate HMS Wizard. Some of the crew were used as extras in the film.

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The Greatest Story Ever Told picture

Trivia: This particular biblical epic proved to be so expensive to make and did so badly at the box office, the film company went bankrupt.

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For a Few Dollars More picture

Trivia: The 'whistling' heard in the background before the opening credits is that of the director Sergio Leone.

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A Thousand Clowns picture

Trivia: Martin Balsam won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for his role as Arnold Burns, even though he only has 10 minutes of screen time.

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Dr. Terror's House of Horrors picture

Trivia: This was the first of seven horror anthologies that Peter Cushing (who plays Dr. Terror) appeared in. The others were "Torture Garden" in 1967, "The House That Dripped Blood" in 1971, "Tales From The Crypt" and "Asylum" (both in 1972), "From Beyond The Grave" in 1974 and "The Uncanny" in 1977.

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Inside Daisy Clover picture

Trivia: The film was made in 1965 and Natalie Wood was born in 1938; she was 27 when she made the film, playing a girl that aged from 13 to 17.


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Village of the Giants picture

Trivia: This is one of the three movies directed by Bert I. Gordon to be featured on "Mystery Science Theater 3000." The other two being "Earth vs. The Spider" aka. "The Spider", and "Beginning of the End."


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What's New Pussycat picture

Trivia: When all of the characters are together in Peter O'Toole's hotel room towards the end of the film, Peter Sellers exclaims that Ursula Andress is a "personal friend of James Bond!", in reference to her performance in the first Bond film, Dr. No (1962). This was an ad-lib by Sellers, and Andress visibly cracks up before the shot cuts away.

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