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Bewitched picture

A Bunny for Tabitha - S6-E8

Other mistake: Although Diane Murphy played "Annabelle", she is listed in the closing credits as having played "Diane". (00:25:00)

Jeff Swanson
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Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. picture

Show generally

Other mistake: Sgt. Carter is a Gunnery Sgt. yet the show just calls him sgt. The proper address would be "Gunnery Sgt." or "Gunny".

Mister Ed
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The Man From U.N.C.L.E. picture

The See-Paris-and-Die Affair - S1-E22

Other mistake: Solo seems to forget just who called whom when he calls Illya on the communicator. After Illya picks up, Solo answers as though Illya had called him instead. (00:32:40)

Jean G
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Thunderbirds picture

The Imposters - S1-E19

Other mistake: At the end of the episode in the space rocket Scott says "you can say that again" without moving his lips.

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The Munsters picture

Come Back, Little Googie - S1-E25

Other mistake: When Eddie's naughty little friend goes to shake hands with Herman they insert a quick close up of a hand buzzer in his hand, only it's obviously an adult's wrinkly hand.

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Gilligan's Island picture

Ghost-a-Go-Go - S2-E27

Other mistake: All of their sheets were the same type. The sheet that the "Ghost" supposedly took from them was more silken, not the regular knit.

Movie Nut
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The Addams Family picture

Green-Eyed Gomez - S1-E8

Other mistake: As Fester goes to shoot Gomez, his aim strays upward to about a 45 to 50° angle. Not enough to shoot the support chain on the light that is directly above him, and hits him on the head.

Movie Nut
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Jonny Quest picture

Pursuit of the Po-Ho - S1-E4

Other mistake: It is established that Drs. Quest and Hartman speak the Po-Ho's language, but when they are captured, Dr. Hartman is translating to Dr. Quest how the Po-Hos are going to torture them.

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