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Beach Party picture

Trivia: Anthropology Professor Robert Orwell Sutwell is writing a book about the sex habits of teenagers. His secretary tells him, "Hang on to the movie rights. American-International will snap it up in a minute." American-International is the real-life Los Angeles studio which produced several teen-oriented films, including "Reform School Girl," "Hot Rod gang," "I Was A Teenage Werewolf" - and "Beach Party."

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55 Days at Peking picture

Trivia: The Chinese extras cast in this film were almost all Spanish residents, especially in Madrid. This was done to such an extreme extent that some Chinese restaurants and other Chinese-Spanish-owned businesses in the Madrid area especially were forced to close for a few days due to lack of personnel.

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The List of Adrian Messenger picture Video

Trivia: In this rather clunking classic murder mystery, the closing gimmick of the film is a sequence of several otherwise unremarkable supporting characters grandly removing their heavy latex makeup to reveal A-List Hollywood movie stars who played mundane roles in the film. The heavily-disguised stars in this film include Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis, Robert Mitchum, Burt Lancaster and Frank Sinatra. Director John Huston (who also made a cameo appearance in the film) tried to convince Elizabeth Taylor to play a disguised part in this movie, as well; but, when Taylor learned that her lovely face would be completely hidden under heavy latex, she turned down the role.

Charles Austin Miller

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The Haunting picture

Trivia: Julie Harris was very aloof during filming and would often ignore her co-stars behind the scenes - especially Claire Bloom. Bloom felt very hurt by this. However, after filming, Harris showed up at Bloom's house with a gift and revealed that she actually really liked Bloom and her other co-stars. She behaved as she did during filming because she was trying to stay in-character between takes, and was worried that her performance as an outsider would suffer if she was friendly with her co-stars.


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