Best movie character mistakes of 1961

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101 Dalmatians picture

Character mistake: When Nanny says, "Look, here's Lucky!" the puppy she picks up does not have a collar on, therefore that cannot be Lucky, as Lucky is one of the original 15 with collars. (01:16:48)


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Guns of Navarone picture

Character mistake: In the movie, Gregory Peck claims that he speaks German "perfectly." But in the scene where he uses the dead cliff guard's radio, he speaks with a noticeably thick - and highly un-German - accent. (00:57:22)

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The Parent Trap picture

Character mistake: Mitch and Hecky are experienced ranchers - so why, when they are all camping, would they leave all the food out in the open within easy reach of bears and other wildlife?

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Lickety-Splat picture

Character mistake: On the side of the boomerang box, there are words reading "Return's to owner." It should read "Returns to owner."

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Character mistake: The registration number of the stolen van is GPW729 but every time it mentioned in the dialogue it is stated as GPW927.

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