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Corrected entry: When Susan and her friends canoe up to Sharon and her friends and the one girl tips the canoe. Before the canoe is tipped they have the paddles and after the canoe is tipped the paddles are gone.


Correction: I'd lose my paddles too if my canoe got tipped over. Alternatively, if I were tipping over another person's canoe I'd certainly need to set my paddle down in my own canoe to do so. This submission isn't really clear on who's paddles are "missing", but either way it's perfectly reasonable that they aren't seen.

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Corrected entry: In many places throughout the movie, people's lips don't match what they're saying.

Correction: This is not a specific mistake and cannot be verified. You should identify the instances, what they are saying and to whom, in order to have this really be a mistake.

Zwn Annwn

Corrected entry: At the end of the food fight the two girls are looking up at Miss Inch and they have cake on their faces. You can see that the one in the pink dress is Haley Mills's double.

Correction: No the one in the pink dress was Haley Mills. The one in the camp uniform was the double. As explained in the DVD Hayley Mills has bright blue eyes (the color eyes of the one in the pink), her double has dark gray eyes (the eye color of the girl in the uniform).

Corrected entry: When the girls first switch places, Susan tells her mom that she had wanted to talk to her about a boy she had met at camp. Her mother doesn't seem at all surprised. She should be surprised, because it was an all-girls camp, and she didn't know about the dance.

Correction: Sharon was gone for 5 weeks she probably wrote to her mom during that time and told her a dance was coming up.

Corrected entry: Both of the girls parents are American, so why would the twins have British accents?

Correction: In 1961, some people, especially those in the upper class, on the East Coast (like Boston) had very affected accents. People in California spoke in a much more laid back manner. For the early 1960s, the accents used are actually very realistic for the East and West Coasts of the United States. Since people don't speak like that anymore, they changed Sharon from a Bostonian to a Brit in the remake.

Corrected entry: In the cabin when the tomboy comes up with the idea to swap places, she has a lollipop in her hand. She gets up, stands on the bed, gets off the bed, it cuts, and she turns around - the lolly pop has disappeared.

Correction: She could have thrown it out as the different angle was shown. Maybe that's why she got up.

It was a popsicle and she had just started eating it. This was simply an edit oversight.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Sharon cuts Susan's dress we see her using scissors but where did they come from?

Correction: Since Sharon wasn't allowed to go to the dance she could have easily brought them with her from her cabin. In fact when Sharon and her friends were watching the dance from outside, one of the girls says she has an idea, and they run off, presumably to get something and/or make a plan. Then they return, apparently having gotten the scissors, from their cabin or somewhere else.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the film when Miss Inch is sorting the girls alphabetically, there are all these people holding signs with letters like "A-K" and "P-s" etc. One girl comes up to her and Miss Inch says "No dear, you are an 'O,' over there with the 'P to S's'" correct me if my alphabet is wrong, but doesn't O fall before P?


Correction: Miss Inch says "No dear, you're in R over there with the P to S's" Not "You're in O" so Miss Inch was pointing her in the right direction.

Corrected entry: When Susan cuts Sharon's hair, she cuts it identical to hers. I doubt a thirteen year old girl could cut hair like that, it looks too professional.

Correction: You can't assume that though. Some people are just good at that from when they're young. I've been able to cut hair perfectly since I was ten, with no training, and now I'm a professional. Just because you're young, it doesn't mean you can't cut hair.

Corrected entry: When all the girls are marching to the isolation cabin they are all in their camp uniforms. However when the girls are being called from their activities to march, some of them were swimming in their bathing suits and had no time to change clothes.

Correction: The girls were not in their bathing suits before they marched, it was after.

Corrected entry: When the twins are singing, "Let's Get Together", Susan is playing the guitar, but her right hand isn't even touching the strings to play any chords. Also, Verbena takes over on the piano for Sharon, and there is about three seconds during the switch where no one is playing the piano, and yet, the music continues.

Correction: Actually, Verbena and Hecky, the hired hand, were playing the music behind the stage.

Continuity mistake: In the camp cabin, the two girls are talking. It cuts away from one girl, and she has an ice cream cone in her hand, then cuts back and it's gone. This keeps happening.

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Verbena 'Ever's Housekeeper': You didn't know what a good thing you had when you had it.
Mitch Evers: Huh?

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Trivia: For the scene when the camp girls are following the twins to the cabin Miss Inch was putting them in, the director wanted the girls to march like soldiers. The girls could not march very well, so he just decided to leave it as it was. The whistling the girls do is not the girls' whistling--its a recording of the march from Bridge on the River Kwai.

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Question: What kind of judge would agree to this kind of custody arrangement?

Answer: None. It's total fiction made up solely for the purpose of the movie. Even for a movie, it's far beyond the "suspension of disbelief" that siblings would ever be divided up between the two parents, and neither would have no contact with them, much less be prevented from knowing they had a brother or sister.

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