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Psycho picture

Revealing mistake: When Marion is driving her car through the night, she keeps looking at her speedometer. You can clearly see that the gear shift lever is in "park" as she is driving.

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The Alamo picture

Revealing mistake: When Crockett, Bowie and their men are about to destroy the giant cannon, several of the men are standing right next to it at the moment one of them tosses the torch on the touch hole. Then, there's a big flash at the touchhole. In the very next shot, right before the cannon explodes, we see the cannon, but everyone has disappeared. There was no time for them to flee completely out of sight.

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The Lost World picture

Revealing mistake: When the two dinosaurs are fighting besides the cliff, Malone and Jennifer Holmes hide behind a rock overlooking the cliff. One of the dinosaurs sweeps its tail, and knocks the two lovebirds over the cliff, but they fall onto a rock jutting out from the cliff. After we see them fall, there is a wide shot of the dinosaur swinging its tail. He swings it one way, then the other. After he swings it the first way, the tail freezes in mid-air for a split second, then swings the other way. It's obviously the same shot of the first tail swing, but played in reverse with a pause in between.

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The Last Voyage picture

Revealing mistake: When Henderson and his wife are walking on the upper deck before jumping off, you can not see any of the superstructure above them that should be visible.

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Spartacus picture

Revealing mistake: During the initial breakout of the Gladiatorial training school an armed guard is stabbed on a balcony and falls to the arena below. He gets up and walks into the doorway adjacent to where he had fallen, apparently satisfied that his part was completed.

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Ocean's Eleven picture

Revealing mistake: When Danny Ocean and the rest of the gang break into the funeral parlour, to hide the money in the coffin, wires can be seen lifting the body out of and back into the coffin.

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School for Scoundrels picture

Revealing mistake: Midway through when Ian Carmichael and his girlfriend are dining at a restaurant with Terry Thomas, they are talking and looking at the menu. The table is laid with cutlery and wine glasses - ready to eat. During their conversation there is a shot of Ian Carmichael only talking and smoking but there is no cutlery and the wine glasses have been replaced by a brandy snifter, obviously after the meal. The next shot shows the whole table with the correct pre-meal setting. When they have finished the meal, the table setting is as it was in the earlier shot.

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Beyond the Time Barrier picture

Revealing mistake: During the Mutants' escape, while they're attacking others in the Citadel some of their rubber bald caps come loose, and we can see the caps' edges over their hair/heads.

Super Grover

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Two Way Stretch picture

Revealing mistake: When the prison van drives through the tunnel, then stops and reverses so the crooks can set up the road works, it's supposed to be driven by Wilfrid Hyde White. But it's obviously being driven by someone else, as the driver looks nothing like him.

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Kidnapped picture

Revealing mistake: When David crosses the channel in the ferryman's boat, not only is the rear-screen projection painfully apparent, but the wind blowing in the film footage isn't so much as ruffling a hair on the actors' heads.

Jean G

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13 Ghosts picture

Revealing mistake: If you look closely, you can see the strings moving the Ouija board planchette while it's floating in the air towards Medea. (It's easier to spot them on the high-definition Blu-Ray version, but they can be faintly seen in other versions of the film if you know where to look).


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Slow Local Trains picture

Revealing mistake: Louis de Fun├Ęs tries to squash a bug that was alive, well and moving in close-up, but is obviously fake and still in the next shot, in a different spot from the close-up too. (00:03:30)


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