Pollyanna (1960)

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Continuity mistake: Before Pollyanna arrives on the train, when Jimmy Bean pushes the metal hoop down the road, two girls stop their doll carriages right beside each other and grab their dolls. Next shot, their carriages are about 4 ft. apart – wide enough for Jimmy to run between.


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Revealing mistake: After Pollyanna's paralyzing accident, just as Dr. Chilton turns down Pollyanna's blanket she moves her knees up, before he even sits her up.


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Continuity mistake: When Pollyanna and Nancy deliver the calf's foot jelly to Mr. Neely, Pollyanna has one jar left in her basket and Nancy has two jars in her basket. Next shot, after the two leave Miss Ferd's, Pollyanna now has three jars in her basket, and Nancy has three as well.


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Continuity mistake: Just after Pollyanna and Jimmy are given the watermelon slices, there is an overhead panning shot of the bazaar grounds and Mrs. Lagerlof is seen at her cake stand, but in the next shot (and two shots later) Mrs. Lagerlof and Mr. Tarbell can be seen dancing together at the bandstand at the other end of the bazaar (then a few shots later she's back at her cake stand).


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Continuity mistake: When Pollyanna and Jimmy sneak onto Mr. Pendergast's property, her long braid is loose and coming apart, but a moment later it is perfectly braided and neatly pulled together.


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Continuity mistake: At the bazaar, when Pollyanna is given the enormous slice of cake, the amount and shape of cake keeps changing until she hands the piece to Mrs. Snow.


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Continuity mistake: When Jimmy jumps off the back of the ice wagon he holds a chunk of ice. Next close-up, the ice has doubled in size and when he walks with Pollyanna the ice changes shape again.


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