Kidnapped (1960)

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Continuity mistake: As the cabin boy is cutting him loose, David Balfour's bruised cheek and black eye switch from the left side of his face to the right when one shot is reversed. (00:28:00)

Jean G

Continuity mistake: After the British soldier is shot, David Balfour finds Alan Breck hiding in the brush. Breck has a visible beard stubble that disappears a few shots later.

Jean G

Audio problem: During David and Alan's argument in the rainstorm, neither actor's lip movements match the dialogue. (01:14:00)

Jean G

Revealing mistake: When David crosses the channel in the ferryman's boat, not only is the rear-screen projection painfully apparent, but the wind blowing in the film footage isn't so much as ruffling a hair on the actors' heads.

Jean G

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