Best romance movie other mistakes of 1959

Carry on Nurse picture

Other mistake: Mick the orderly is Irish throughout the film, but when Nurse Dawson bumps into him and says, "You clumsy oaf," Mick's reply, "Look who's talking," is said in a London accent.

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Sleeping Beauty picture

Other mistake: When the three fairies are cleaning up the cottage, Merriwether has the broom magically sweep all the dust into a pile, then she makes the pile disappear. Right after it does so, the picture is stuck in a freeze-frame for about half a second.

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Some Like It Hot picture

Other mistake: When Sugar and Josephine are talking on the telephone, Sugar's eyes are moving backwards and forwards, obviously reading from a cue-card.

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rabid anarchist
Rio Bravo picture

Other mistake: When Joe shoots the person at the beginning of the movie the character is played by Bing Russell (Kurt's father). Later in the movie when Dude is ambushed at the entrance to the town, they give a guy his hat to impersonate Dude - it's Bing Russell again, after he was killed off at the beginning and why Joe is arrested in the first place.

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Journey to the Center of the Earth picture

Other mistake: The Count and the Professor jump into the water to save themselves from the dinosaurs (which can't swim). In the long shots, it appears they are out very far, in at least six foot deep water, but close up, the water they are in couldn't be higher than four feet. What's to keep the dinosaurs from grabbing the two if they're in water that wouldn' come up to the dinosaurs' kneecaps?

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