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Pillow Talk (1959)

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Corrected entry: Doris Day and Rock Hudson share a party line. Tony Randall (a mutual friend of the two) is at Rock Hudson's apartment trying to get Doris Day on the telephone but keeps getting a busy signal, meaning she's using the phone. The mistake is if they're sharing a party line Tony Randall should hear her voice when he first picks up the phone.

Correction: Tony Randall is getting a busy signal but it is not because she is on the phone. It is because in order for two people who share a party line to reach each other, they need to dial a code. If they don't they will receive a busy signal. Rock Hudson's character says for Doris Day to use the code if she wants to complain to him directly.

Continuity mistake: Doris and Tony are talking by the car. Two women walk behind them, talking, one with a blue coat, one with a grey coat. The camera turns to a close up, and the woman with the blue coat is alone. She then walks by them about 3 more times during this scene. (00:10:20)

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