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Ben-Hur picture

Quintus Arrius: Your eyes are full of hate, forty-one. That's good. Hate keeps a man alive. It gives him strength.

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North by Northwest picture

[Roger Thornhill's matchbook carries the initials RoT.]
Eve Kendall: What does the O stand for?
Roger Thornhill: Oh, nothing.

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On the Beach picture

Moira Davidson: I wouldn't really mind... if you could forget entirely who I am... I don't like myself very much anyway.

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Rio Bravo picture

Pat Wheeler: I told him you were one of the best.
Colorado Ryan: Well, I'll tell you what I'm a lot better at, Mr. Wheeler... that's minding my own business.

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Some Like It Hot picture

Junior: Syncopators. Does that mean you play that very fast music... jazz?
Sugar: Yeah. Real Hot.
Junior: I guess some like it hot. I personally prefer classical music.

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House on Haunted Hill picture

Watson Pritchard: Only the ghosts in this house are glad we're here.

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Plan 9 From Outer Space picture

Tanna: What do you think will be the next obstacle the Earth people will put in our way?
Eros: Well, as long as they can think - we'll have our problems.

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Les Quatre cents coups picture

Julien Doinel: You don't seem surprised.
Gilberte Doinel: Why should I be? He's capable of anything.

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Journey to the Center of the Earth picture

Count Saknussemm: To save what we can, I insist that we leave these regions at once.
Sir Oliver Lindenbrook: You insist? As a matter of fact, he's bloody well right. Let's be off.

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The Tingler picture

Isabel Stevens Chapin: The only way Dave Morris will marry my sister is over my dead body.
Dr. Warren Chapin: Unconventional but not impossible.

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Never So Few picture

Nautaung: America a very funny place, full of prayers and money.

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The Horse Soldiers picture

Major Kendall: I don't understand a man like Miles giving up that easily.
Col. John Marlowe: Maybe losing that arm took some of the fight out of him.
Major Kendall: No... the man I knew could lose both arms and still try to kick you to death.

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The Killer Shrews picture

Thorne Sherman: Why, that's as big as a full-grown wolf.

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Up Periscope picture

Commander Paul Stevenson: Oh, uh, one more thing, Mr. Braden, you don't get captured.
Lt. J.g. Kenneth M. Braden: Mm-hmm. I wouldn't think of it, sir.

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Odds Against Tomorrow picture

Bocco: I'll kill you and everything you own.

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The Angry Red Planet picture

Col. Thomas O'Bannion: Cowardice is the one thing we can never forgive ourselves.

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Sleeping Beauty picture

Fauna: Now, yeast, one tsp. Tsp?
Merryweather: One teaspoon.
Fauna: One teaspoon, of course.

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Anatomy of a Murder picture

Judge Weaver: Now, Mr. Dancer, get off the panties. You've done enough damage.

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Imitation of Life picture

Steve: Your bones.
Lora Meredith: What about my bones?
Steve: They're perfect. My camera could easily have a love affair with you.

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The Diary of Anne Frank picture

Anne Frank: I want to go on living even after I'm dead.

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