Best romance movie quotes of 1953

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Hondo picture

Hondo Lane: You baked today. Smell fresh bread on you. And top of that you smell all over like a woman, rich and warm and soft. I could find you in the dark Mrs. Lowe.

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Calamity Jane picture

Calamity Jane: Excitement? Why, I got more arrows in the back of that coach than a porcupine has got stickers.

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The Band Wagon picture

Girl In Train Station: Gee, there's a mob of reporters and photographers over there.
Man In Train Station: Yeah, there must be some big shot aboard. Maybe the president.
Girl In Train Station: No, too many for that. Probably a movie star.

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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes picture

Dorothy Shaw: In bed by nine? That's when life just begins.

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From Here To Eternity picture

Angelo Maggio: Let's go to a phone booth or something, huh? Where I will unveil a fifth of whiskey, I have hidden here under my loose, flowing sports shirt.

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The Wild One picture

Kathie Bleeker: You're still fighting, aren't you. You're always fighting. Why do you hate everybody?

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The Long, Long Trailer picture

Mrs. Hittaway: What good is a trailerite if not to help out another trailerite?

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The Story of Three Loves picture

Mrs. Hazel Pennicott: Are you wondering whether I'm a witch?
Tommy: Aged 11: Suppose you are a witch?
Mrs. Hazel Pennicott: Suppose I am.
Tommy: Aged 11: Would you do a guy a favor?
Mrs. Hazel Pennicott: I've been waiting for twenty years to give a guy a favor.

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