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Fantasia picture

Other mistake: In the intro to the Pastoral Symphony, the narrator identifies the deity who cloaks the world with Night to be Morpheus, who is the Greek god of sleep and dreams. However, the character in the animation is fairly obviously female, with long hair, eye shadow, and lipstick. My theory is that the character was intended by the art team to be Nyx, the Greek goddess of Night. Night would be a more likely candidate to be making it nighttime across the world, while Morpheus would be more likely to put people to sleep or send them dreams.

Roger Cline
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Suggested correction: Without further evidence/proof, this theory remains just that. A theory.

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Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe picture

Other mistake: Chapter 2: Freezing Torture. When a Ming ship launches the first bomb at Flash and his friends, you can see somebody walking or skiing toward the explosion. The problem is that they are not moving. It may be footage from another film.

Dr Wilson
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The Grapes of Wrath picture

Other mistake: Noah, the brother, just disappears from the movie with no explanation at all.

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Rebecca picture

Other mistake: When Maxim and the girl are in the beach cottage after a ship has run aground, Maxim sits in a black chair right next to a lamp that is covered in cobwebs - the place has been empty for more than a year; no-one has cleaned it or been in it, except for Ben, the weird one - but when Maxim sat in the chair, there was no dust rising up and there's not a cobweb to be seen.

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Pinocchio picture

Other mistake: When Gepetto paints Pinocchio's smile on, he uses a darker red. But the smile is in black.

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Foreign Correspondent picture

Other mistake: In the windmill scene, the windmill reverses directions twice to signal the airplane. However when Joel McRae enters the windmill and we see the machinery it is obvious that there is no mechanism to reverse the windmill against the wind.

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The Mortal Storm picture

Other mistake: It's the Professor's 60th birthday and the candles on his cake must be the trick type - they keep going out as the cake is carried into the room, but they quickly come back on again. But when it comes time for the Professor to blow them out, there's no problem - he blows them out easily.

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