The Grapes of Wrath

The Grapes of Wrath (1940)

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Other mistake: Noah, the brother, just disappears from the movie with no explanation at all.

Plot hole: The deputies take down or compare the license plate number of the truck and say they'll be back with a warrant. A warrant for who? After Tom got clubbed, and they left Tavaris they had the truck stopped right there cleared them, and they left. So for no other reason but to close the movie would deputies just stumble upon a truck that's already been cleared proclaiming they would be back with a warrant. It makes no sense. (01:54:00)

Continuity mistake: The car the deputy and contractor drove up in disappears. That road was one lane which would have been a hell of a back up job. Then almost instantly the 2nd car full of deputies flies up like a bat out of hell "hey what's going on" indicating they didn't speak to the contractor because they had no idea what occurred. The next sequence Casey points in direction from where the deputies just flew up. The complete opposite of where the woman was actually lying. The poor woman would have been ran over. (01:11:53)

Casy: Tom, you gotta learn like I'm learnin'. I don't know it right yet myself. That's why I can't ever be a preacher again. Preachers gotta know. I don't know. I gotta ask.

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