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Modern Times picture

A factory worker: Where do you live?
A gamin: No place - anywhere.

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Born to Dance picture

Gunny Saks: Do you realise that marriage is a national institution and that 50% of the married people are women?

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Charlie Chan at the Opera picture

Charlie Chan: Man who ride on merry-go-round often enough finally catch brass ring.

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Things To Come picture

Roxana: I don't suppose any man has ever understood any woman since the beginning of things. You don't understand our imaginations.

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Follow the Fleet picture

Bake Baker: Sherry tells me you're leaving. Well, that's probably the wisest thing to do. Run away! All this stuff about fighting for your man and all that makes things so complicated. Now, if all girls would just give up and run back to Bellport, then we'd definitely see the end of family life, little Junior would remain just an idea, and every man would burn his own toast. I thank you.

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Jimmy: Imagine... Dr. Beaumont keeping this heart pumping for over twenty years.
Nancy: Wish he could do something about making your heart pump.

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Great Guy picture

Johnny 'Red' Cave: I'll see you in jail, bread-snatcher.

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I Love to Singa picture

Radio: Calling all cars. Calling all cars. Report to your stations for further instructions. That is all.
Mother: I wonder if they found my little boy?
Radio: No we didn't, lady.

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The Plainsman picture

Calamity Jane: Tip your hat when you speak to a lady.
Wild Bill Hickok: I will... when I speak to a lady.

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San Francisco picture

Mary Blake: I'm going to stay.
Father Mullin: That's right. You're in probably the wickedest, most corrupt city, most Godless city in America. Sometimes it frightens me. I wonder what the end's going to be. But nothing can harm you if you don't allow it to because nothing in the world, no-one in the world, is all bad.

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