Born to Dance

Born to Dance (1936)


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Gunny Saks: Do you realise that marriage is a national institution and that 50% of the married people are women?

Captain Dingby: I want this message delivered to Rear Admiral Stubbins of the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
Gunny Saks: Yes, sir.
Captain Dingby: I understand you were born in Brooklyn.
Gunny Saks: Yes, sir.
Captain Dingby: What part?
Gunny Saks: All of me.

"Mush" Tracy: What'd you join the Navy for in the first place?
Gunny Saks: On account of a woman - my wife. Two days after we were married she told me I wasn't a man of the world. So I joined the Navy.

Nora Paige: Is that your daughter?
Jenny Saks: Yes, first prize at the Marathon Dance.
Nora Paige: I guess your daddy is proud of you.
Sally Saks: I've never seen my daddy.
Nora Paige: Why haven't you told him?
Sally Saks: Because someday we're gonna surprise him.

"Mush" Tracy: I've got a inventive mind.
"Peppy" Turner: Most sailors have.
"Mush" Tracy: No fooling, I've invented something right now, and if I get it working, I'll sell it to the government for plenty of dope.
"Peppy" Turner: What's that?
"Mush" Tracy: I'm crossing parrots with carrier pigeons.
"Peppy" Turner: What for?
"Mush" Tracy: So you can send verbal messages.

Gunny Saks: Say, who's little girl are you?
Sally Saks: Mommy's girl.

McKay's Telephone Operator: He went out 15 minutes ago for 5 minutes and won't be back for a half an hour.

Jenny Saks: Can we visit the crows-nest?
Captain Dingby: No, under no circumstances. It's nesting season.

"Mush" Tracy: Where will we find the Rear Admiral?
Captain Dingby: In the front office.

Ted Baker: Hello.
Nora Paige: Hello, what's the thing about?
Ted Baker: Well, boy meets girl.
Nora Paige: Oh, I see. Well, boy loses girl.
Ted Baker: Boy gets girl back.
Nora Paige: Not so fast, sailor.
Ted Baker: You're not very patriotic.
Nora Paige: I am, but I'm not uniform-crazy.

Gunny Saks: But Jenny, I'm your husband.
Jenny Saks: Don't remind me.

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