Best movie mistakes of 1929

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Blackmail picture

Continuity mistake: The painting changes from the time it is made until the time the detective looks at it.

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The Hoose-Gow picture

Continuity mistake: When the warden catches Stan and Oliver trying to get back into the van after Stan accidentally trod on his foot, the warden says "Over here!" and he is seen pointing his finger to the ground before puts his hands on his hips. In the next shot, the warden is pointing his finger to the ground and he puts his hands on his hips a second time.

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Unaccustomed As We Are picture

Continuity mistake: When Stan says "I was wondering who it was" to Oliver, you can see that Oliver has nothing on his head, but in the very next shot he is now wearing his bowler hat without him having put it on.

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Berth Marks picture

Continuity mistake: After trying in vain to sleep in the upper berth of a railroad car, Laurel and Hardy hastily get dressed and get off the train at the Pottsville station. As they watch the train pull away, they are wearing each other's derby. In the immediate close-up, each of the two is wearing his own derby.

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Men O'War picture

Continuity mistake: Laurel and Hardy are in a rented boat with two young women. Laurel is seated behind Hardy. They each have an oar over the left side of the boat and the boat is going in circles as they paddle. After a brief shot of James Finlayson staring at them from the dock, both men's oars are suddenly on the right side of the boat.

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They Go Boom! picture

Continuity mistake: In a close-up, Ollie is lying on his back in bed and starts to get up. In the immediate long shot, he is on his hands and knees and rising from a prostate position.

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Tarzan the Tiger picture

Factual error: There are several repeated shots of a wild tiger roaming Africa. Tigers are not native to Africa.

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