MythBusters (2003)

Episode list

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Episode Title Mistakes
Show generally0
Season 1
Season 1 generally0
1Pilot 1: Jet-Assisted Chevy/Pop Rocks and Soda0
2Pilot 2: Vacuum Toilet/Biscuit Bazooka/Leaping Lawyer0
3Pilot 3: Larry's Lawn-Chair Balloon/Goldfinger/Poppy-Seed Drug Test0
4Ice Bullet/Exploding Toilet/Who Gets Wetter?0
5Cell Phone Destruction/Silicone Breasts/CD-ROM Shattering0
6Barrel of Bricks/Pissing on the Third Rail/Eel Skin Wallet0
7Penny Drop/Deadly Microwaves/Radio Tooth Fillings0
8Hammer Bridge Drop/Buried Alive/Cola0
9Lightning Strikes Tongue Piercing/Tree Cannon/Beat the Breath Test0
10Stinky Car/Raccoon Rocket0
11Escape from Alcatraz/Duck Quack/Stud Finder0
12Chicken Gun/Octopus Pregnancy/Killer Washing Machine0
13Explosive Decompression/Frog Giggin'/Rear Axle0
14Sinking Titanic/Goldfish Memory/Trombone Explosion0
15Break Step Bridge/Toothbrush Surprise/Rowing Water Skier0
16Buried in Concrete/Daddy Longlegs/Jet Taxi0
17Best Animal Myths0
18Best Electric Myths0

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