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2 mistakes in The Road Less Travelled

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The Road Less Travelled - S5-E6

Character mistake: The plan hatched by Carlton Wood and Harry Fielding makes no sense at all. They recruit three people who they think were victims of Micky Bricks' crew, asking them each to deposit a cheque for £1,000,000 into an account that their accomplice Alfie will show to Albert Stroller to "prove" his wealth. They are on a hiding to nothing. A bank statement will always show a ledger balance - all funds including uncleared cheques - and an available balance, the amount of money in the account that can be withdrawn at any one time. Alfie's account will show an available balance of nil and will convince nobody of anything. A city wideboy like Wood would know this and would ask for the deposits to be made by account transfer or even in cash, or he could even cut out of the middle men and prepare a fake bank statement. A ruthless businessman like him would have no trouble at all arranging a simple thing like that. The way he does things is uncharacteristically clumsy and includes nothing but loose ends.

The Road Less Travelled - S5-E6

Plot hole: The only people who respond to Harry Fielding's classified ad seeking victims of the gang are three people who, it turns out, are actually working with Mickey Bricks. Considering how prolific the grifters are I rather think Fielding would be inundated with genuine people seeking revenge, but not one shows up. Not one? Simply unbelievable.

Mickey 'Bricks' Stone: Albert, what the hell were you doing in a church today?
Albert Stroller: Gil Stewart died this afternoon. I was there at the end.
Mickey 'Bricks' Stone: Oh God, I'm so sorry Albert. You two were like brothers.
Albert Stroller: We worked Vegas together. That man was made for bright lights. Poor bastard - died of a stroke in a dental surgery.
Mickey 'Bricks' Stone: Well, someone should sue them.
Albert Stroller: Aye, he was pretending to be the dentist.

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The Hustlers News of the Day - S3-E5

Trivia: In some versions of this episode the name of the newspaper the grifters con has been rather clumsily dubbed over as "The Weekend World" rather than the original "The Sunday World", which is a real newspaper.

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