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Ozymandias - S5-E14

Trivia: The trousers that Walt lost in the desert during the first episode appear briefly when he is rolling the barrel with money.

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Caballo sin Nombre - S3-E2

Trivia: There is a scene in this episode where Walter angrily tosses a box of pizza in the air in such a way that the pizza exits the box and lands on his roof. Before filming this scene, the crew had wondered how many takes would be required to achieve the desired result. Bryan Cranston nailed it on the first try.

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Phoenix - S2-E12

Trivia: The website Walter Jr. creates to raise money for Walter Sr. can be found at The donation link used to send the viewer to a legitimate cancer charity's website, but now just goes to AMC's home page. (00:20:00)

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Rabid Dog - S5-E12

Trivia: When Jesse is saying he has stories that will make Hank's toes curl, behind him on the bookshelf is a Breaking Bad DVD set. It is just left of a book whose spine reads "The Body Language of Horses." (00:35:16)

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Breaking Bad trivia picture

Trivia: In the title sequence of every episode we see the chemical formula C10 H15 N, with the numbers 149.24. This is the chemical formula and molecular mass for Methamphetamine or as is commonly known, Meth. (00:03:30)

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Trivia: While filming The Avengers in Albuquerque, Samuel L. Jackson wanted to appear as himself in the background of Los Pollos Hermanos in an episode of this series, but was not able to make the time to do so.

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Bit by a Dead Bee - S2-E3

Trivia: The floor tiles in the hospital are all white except for 2 blue/green tiles in the same pattern as the BR & BA tiles from the logo in the credits (00:13:00)

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Granite State - S5-E15

Trivia: When Robert Forster (Ed, or "The Disappearer") stops by the cabin to drop off supplies to Walt, he tells Walt that his (Walt's) house has since become somewhat of a tourist attraction, and a fence has been built around it. Funny thing is, in real life that is exactly what has happened to that house since Breaking Bad. Tourists come to that house and take photos, and the owners have had to put up a fence to keep people off their property. Before the fence was put up, some people went so far as to throw a pizza on the roof, like Walt did in a previous episode.


Trivia: A lot of the show is filmed on location in New Mexico. As such, a lot of places actually exist. A1A Car wash is called "Mister Car Wash." And Los Pollos is actually a Mexican restaurant called "Twisters".

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Seven Thirty-Seven - S2-E1

Revealing mistake: At the end of the episode when Tuco shows up at Walter's house in the backseat of Jesse's car, he tells Walter to get in. As they drive off, the shot pans out to show the street sign across from Walter's house. The sign says Piermont, which is the real name of the street. In the show, the Whites live on Negra Arroyo Lane. (00:48:00)

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Question: Just how does Walt intend to explain the presence of all that meth money, even posthumously? Just how does he think his heirs will react to that, how is he going to launder it? How does he think his wife and kids will explain it? If they knowingly inherit and use such money, they could face charges of accessory after the fact. Is this ever addressed in the show?


Chosen answer: I'm not sure how far you are into the show but he does eventually come up with a way to launder it (wont spoil it for you but rest assured, when he gets a lawyer the show gets much better!) and in the final season he also comes up with a way to give his children his money without the cops or the DA knowing it came from him.


Answer: Walt decided to buy a car wash to launder his money, which makes a profit without the dirty money. At the end he blackmailed Elliot and Gretchen in to giving his money to junior and Holly. However 90% of his $80m is stolen.

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