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Corrected entry: In the viewing-a-flat-scene, Sherlock has just moved in and Inspector Lestrade enters the location asking for his help in the case of the serial murders. But how does he already know that Holmes is at this address? (00:15:15 - 00:16:00)

Correction: Obviously, Sherlock gave Lestrade the new address in case Lestrade needed him. There was plenty of time for Sherlock to have done this off-camera, or even in the time before the show started. We also know (from Sherlock's texts to Lestrade and the reporters at the press conference) that Sherlock is eager to get involved in the 'serial suicide' case, so it is logical that he'd make sure Lestrade knows where to find him at all times, in case Lestrade does decide to finally call him in.


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