The Persuaders

The Persuaders (1971)


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Chivers: You might want to try for a pheasant, m'lord. I'll get the guns.
Lord Brett Sinclair: Thank you, Chivers. A good idea.
Danny Wilde: You still shoot peasants around here, huh?

Lucy: No-one's here.
Lord Brett Sinclair: Quiet as the proverbial - why are we whispering? Daniel! He's got a... shotgun.

Lord Brett Sinclair: I don't understand a wretched thing. Now please, Lucy, just sit down! I am a sweet, gentle, reasonable man, but will you please give me some answers to questions.

Danny Wilde: I told you, Angie's my friend. He's all that's left for me. The streets I came from, the way things were for me.
Lord Brett Sinclair: Danny, you can't go back to the way things were, cause they were never that way in the first place.

Danny Wilde: And you know what that is?
Lord Brett Sinclair: What is it?
Danny Wilde: It's a fireplace! I'm gonna clean it up, and put a big leather chair right in front here, and in the wintertime, when there's storms out, I'm gonna sit here with my old, faithful dog at my side -.
Lord Brett Sinclair: But Daniel, you don't have a dog.
Danny Wilde: Then I'll rent one.

Felix Meadowes: I'm in trouble, Brett.
Lord Brett Sinclair: Money trouble?
Felix Meadowes: Woman trouble.
Lord Brett Sinclair: Oh. Well, if you're going to have trouble, that's the sort to have.

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