The First David Job - S1-E12

Trivia: The chalice that Sophie picks up and blows the dust off in her storage locker is the same one used in Dean Devlin's movie, "The Librarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice." (00:34:40)

The First David Job - S1-E12

Trivia: Christian Kane had asked that if he was ever going to "get my a kicked," he wanted them to hire one of his best friends, actor Clayne Crawford, who used to choreograph fights with Chris in his basement when they were growing up. All that prior "practice" helps make these fight scenes superb. (00:27:00)

The Two-Horse Job - S1-E3

Trivia: During Christian Kane's romantic scene in the stable, the music playing in the background is "More Than I Deserve" by his band, "Kane." (00:19:00 - 00:19:35)

The Snow Job - S1-E9

Trivia: When shooting the original waiting room scene, Nate was alone. The director was worried that no one would be able to tell it was a waiting room, so they went looking for someone to join him. They happened to find Jonathan Frakes, who was prepping for a Leverage episode he was to direct. Although he wasn't doing any acting in those days, he played the injured man in the waiting room.

The Mile High Job - S1-E8

Trivia: Someone on Leverage's writing staff is a Dr. Who fan. When the team is on the escalator at the airport, Hardison asks Nate over the ear piece, "What IDs have you got on you?" Nate replies, "Let's see, we've got Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, and I have a Tom Baker." Sophie chirps, "Oh! I have a Baker as well!" Nate and Sophie then board the plane as Mr. and Mrs. Tom Baker. This was the first of what would become a running gag: the Tom Baker alias and several other Who references recur throughout the series. (00:12:00)

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